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A Dirty Slovak Lesson


Marek Bennett draws the webcomic COFFEE + DUMPLING + KOMIKS,

detailing his adventures as a teacher, cartoonist, and travelling ukulele-playing rabbit in Slovakia at:


7 Comments for “A Dirty Slovak Lesson”

  1. George M

    Not really JB. I just wondered whatever made you print this utter garbage ?

    I guess it saves the fingers typing a real news story yourself and help you get to get to your four a day ? What next a history of paint drying ?

  2. George M

    Still dont get it …is it meant to be funny ? ….and Irony is pushing it a bit ?

  3. Barbara Kantor

    If you noticed the teacher brought a recorder instead of her singing. Rabbit thouvht she was going to sing like she said.

  4. Dr. P

    I have to agree with curious George, this is just pointless.

  5. George M

    Ok errrrrrrrr , is it me or have I just missed the point, lesson, or or joke in this cartoon ?

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