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Activist Demands Recall of Roma Plenipotentiary

Renowned civil activist and entrepreneur Alojz Hlina has joined forces with Malacky councillor Juraj Riha to call on the government to recall senior officer at the government plenipotentiary for Roma issues Stefan Sarkozy, reports TASR.

photo (c) Margoz

They are not happy with the comments made by Sarkozy that Malacky resident Oskar Dobrovodsky brought trouble with his Roma neighbours on himself, and so Hlina and Riha have sent an open letter to PM Radicova demanding that he be dismissed.

Hlina has tried to hold authorities ransom with his protests several times, and this time the two men have organised a gathering at Klastorne Namestie in Malacky on Friday afternoon starting at 4pm, unless the PM recalls Sarkozy.

Last week Hlina planted two porta-cabins in a Roma district of the town that he wanted local Roma to use as a toilet and a small nursery, but the residents were not happy with the idea and have threatened to destroy the porta-cabins. .


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  1. George M

    Slovaks telling funny jokes , now there’s novel ???

  2. George M

    Protest ?? Well I hope he advertises he supplies the free goulash and beer, or no one will bother to turn up .

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