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Corgon League: Slovan Taking it to the Wire

Hopeful Slovan Bratislava (c) James Baxter

Slovan Bratislava have now wasted two opportunities to wrap up their league title. Last weekend they were hammered 4-1 at Trenčín. On Saturday, they were held to a 2-2 draw by Ružomberok at Pasienky. In the most recent game, Slovan were twice ahead, through Branislav Niňaj and Juraj Halenár, but Ruža, losers in their previous four [...]

Corgon League: Slovan on Target for Title

Hopeful Slovan Bratislava (c) James Baxter

Slovan Bratislava should confirm their 2012/2013 title over the next 14 days or so, following Saturday’s 3-2 home win over closest pursuers Senica. Four successive draws had stalled Slovan’s momentum over recent weeks, allowing Senica to close the gap to six points. It’s now back to nine with just five rounds of fixtures left to [...]

Corgon Football League Roundup

Ruzemberok vs Slovan Bratislava

Little has changed in the Corgoň Liga. At the top, Slovan Bratislava are freewheeling towards the title, and there is still a survival battle going on at the bottom, one which may yet draw in more teams. Slovan drew the derby match away to Trnava on Saturday. It was a game of few chances, though Slovan are [...]

Cold Weekend for Corgon League


Winter returned to Slovakia at the end of last week, causing the postponement of all football from the II Liga downwards. After a meeting of the Union of League Clubs (ULK) on Friday, however, it was decided that the Corgoň Liga programme would go ahead as planned. Senica club officials must have wondered if it [...]

Corgon Football Leagues Kicks Off Spring Season


It is important for the Corgoň Liga’s ‘autumn champions’ to make a strong start to the season’s spring phase, so Slovan Bratislava will be delighted with their 4-1 win over Vion Zlaté Moravce at Pasienky on Friday. A 6th minute goal from visiting striker Andrej Hodek seemed to spark Slovan into life and they had the [...]

Corgon League Match Review and Results

Ruzemberok vs Slovan Bratislava

For all that it was played in bitterly cold conditions, Saturday’s Ružomberok v Slovan Bratislava game could only make you regret that the Corgoň Liga is now entering its long winter hibernation. Ruža’s high-spirited ultras group provided a fine atmosphere and the teams produced a skillful, wholehearted contest which ended in a rightful share of [...]

Results and Review of Corgon Football League


The most important news of this weekend may not be the results. Two clubs, Trnava and Senica, appear to be proceeding with major stadium developments. Trnava plan to completely reconstruct Štadión Antona Malatinského, turning it into a fully-covered 19,000 capacity arena. Demolition work on the current ground should start in February, meaning that Saturday’s game at [...]

Corgon League: Trnava Snatch Win from Slovan

Trnava fans with reason to celebrate

Footballing logic being what it is, it is almost inevitable that when the team at the top of the league plays at home to the one at the bottom, the result will be an away win. So it was on Friday evening as Trnava defeated Slovan Bratislava 1-0 at Pasienky. Michal Gašparík’s decisive goal, a fine [...]

All Level in Corgon Football League


It  was another indecisive weekend in the Corgoň Liga. Four of the five matches played ended in draws, with a sixth being postponed. Žilina and Slovan Bratislava, last season’s champions and the current league leaders respectively, failed to trouble the scorers at Štadión pod Dubňom on Sunday. It was a watchable enough game, with both sides looking [...]

Summary of Weekend’s Corgon League Football


At least Saturday’s Trnava v Žilina game was all about the football. At the corresponding fixture last season, Žilina’s ‘support’ was augmented by a number of Polish hooligans and there was trouble before, during and after the match. The Poles didn’t carry out their threat to make their presence felt again, so all was quiet off [...]

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