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Martin Skrtel Could Head to Man U or Man City

Skrtel's goal was crucial in Carling Cup final (c) Jon Candy

A battle could be about to break out in transfer talks over Slovak centre-back Martin Skrtel, with Manchester City and Manchester United both allegedly interested in snapping up the Liverpool player, according to an article in The Sun, UK. With just two years left on his contract, the big teams could easily compensate for Skrtel’s [...]

SNS: Who Did Slovakia Sell 90,000 Rifles to?

SNS chairman Andrej Danko (c) The Daily.SK

At a press conference on Monday, SNS vice-chairman Andrej Danko protested that the Slovak National Party (SNS) is vehemently opposed to  the  clearance  of 90,000 surplus Czechoslovak assault rifles and any other military equipment. “What’s shocking here is that guns worth over EUR 1 million were sold, while undoubtedly the most important information – the name [...]

Lunch Menu Review: All Stars, Sedlarska ulica

All Stars bar, Bratislava (c) The Daily

If you are looking for a safe lunch bet try Sedlárska street,  you might be pleasantly surprised. Today my compatriot and I pondered the boards outside The Irish, The Mexicano and the not-quite Hooters sports bar, which we opted for in the end. All Stars got some bad publicity during the hockey championships with many [...]

Slovakia Has 2nd Lowest Public Debt in Eurozone

Bratislava Castle (c) The Daily.SK

According to the latest figures published by Postova banka, Slovakia has the 2nd lowest public debt level in the eurozone, standing at just EUR 5,000 per capita. This is in sharp contrast to the EU average of EUR 20,000, and puts Slovakia in fifth place overall in the EU, well behind the likes of Ireland, [...]

Missing Lawyer’s Car Found with Blood and Gun Shots

Illustrative photo (c) The

Police have confirmed that the black BMW that was found yesterday in the town of Vrable belongs to lawyer Roman Ozvold, who has been missing since last Wednesday. The police were called in after locals found it curious that the car had been parked there for a few days. On investigation the police discovered blood [...]

Slovak Tourist Board Hopes to Boost Tourism

Bratislava (c) The Daily.SK

The Slovak Tourist Board (SACR) has adopted a new marketing strategy by which it hopes to boost tourism by up to 3% in 2011-2013. The plan is to increase domestic tourism by 2% and foreign tourism by 3%, while head of SACR Peter Belinsky has said that the first results were already evident after the [...]

It’s a long long way from here to there

photo: Jon Gos

If you wanted, for example, to travel from London to Bratislava (one way) today and you choose not to fly steerage you could travel with British Airway via Vienna, granted you would need to avail of the bus that runs hourly from Vienna Airport to the heart of Bratislava. The bus will cost you just [...]

Schengen Zone at Risk of a Shakeup


European Union leaders are expected to allow for the temporary reintroduction of border controls in the event of a catastrophic rise in illegal immigration, a move that could see a reworking of the EU’s  Schengen  zone. France and Italy first voiced concerns regards the spiraling influx of illegal immigration  from North Africa via the Mediterranean mostly due to civil unrest and [...]

Dublin Welcomes Slovak Cultural Week

Slovak Centre - Ireland

Dublin will be host to Slovak Cultural Week after the event was officially opened on Friday in the presence of various officials from Ireland and Slovakia, including Slovak ambassador to Ireland, Roman Buzek and Dublin deputy mayor Eddie Wynne. The Slovak Cultural Week is organised by the Slovak Centre – Ireland, which is officially recognised [...]

If you have a 10 Euro head, buy a 10 Euro helmet


It’s curious to see so many bikers wearing no lids in Slovakia, reminding me of a visit to Daytona beach Florida a number of years back, where I saw a sign that read, “if you’ve a 10 dollar head then buy a 10 dollar helmet.” This I must say struck a chord with me, when I was [...]

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