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European Investors Request Slovak Government to Reconsider FTT

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European Investors’ Association, which represents retail and institutional investors throughout Europe, has requested the Slovak government to take investors’ interests in Slovakia and within the European into account and lend no further support to the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT). European Investors is deeply worried that a FTT declines return on investment for investors, has a [...]

SARIO Business Summary for January 2017


TAXES The number of Slovak companies seated in tax havens keeps growing. According to the consulting company Bisnode Slovensko, it has more than tripled since 2005. Ten years ago, over 1,500 Slovak companies were registered in tax havens compared with the current 4,700. E-MOBILITY Slovaks are gradually developing an appetite for electric vehicles. Over the [...]

TheDaily.SK is back!


After a slowdown in TheDaily.SK service last year, we pick up again in 2017 to provide you with all the latest news and information about life and living in Slovakia. We reach out to all our readers and budding writers also to contribute, whether you have an event, article or interesting story concerning Slovakia. If [...]

Corporate Criminal Liability Affects Everyone, Even Your Company

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The impact of Act No. 91/2016 Coll. concerning criminal liability of legal entities on business environment is being underestimated. If the topic is interesting at all, most people accept the prevailing opinion that this is just another bureaucratic law that will hardly have any effect, not to say real impact (such as the law on [...]

Slovakia Ranked 45th in World on Children’s Access to Justice

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Slovakia has been ranked as 45th in the world on how effectively children can use the courts to defend their rights according to new research from Child Rights International Network (CRIN). The new report, ‘Rights, Remedies and Representation’, takes into account whether children can bring lawsuits when their rights are violated, the legal resources available to them, [...]

Supreme Court Rules Discrimination Over Inclusive Education for Disabled Children


BRATISLAVA – On 27 October 2015, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment and ruled for the first time in Slovakia that children with disabilities are entitled to inclusive education. In the case (nr. 7Sžo/83/2014), the Court ruled that the right to inclusive education in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities [...]

Important changes to the Commercial Code and Income Tax Act


The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic would like to invite you to a seminar on Important changes to the Commercial Code and Income Tax Act 18 June from 09:00 AM Austria Trend Hotel , Vysoká 7490/2A, Bratislava You are invited to join our upcoming seminar to find out more about big challenges companies might face due to new stricter capitalisation regulations. New [...]

Expat Tax Advice: Don’t Sell Shares in 2015

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More and more people in Slovakia trade with shares. Either with shares purchased within the Company’ share purchase or stock options plans (–dodatocny-prijem-zamestnancov.html) or in a form of direct or indirect investments on capital markets. For these investors I have one good advice – if you plan to sell your shares in 2015, maybe you should reconsider [...]

Digital Single Market An EU Presidency Priority

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The strategy for building a digital single market is a strong candidate as a priority of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU. This was said yesterday (May 11) by State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Peter Javorčík at the National Convent on EU workshop, [...]

Employee Luncheon Vouchers Under Attack

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An article in today’s Hospodarske Noviny points to a plan by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ZHR) to take some of the power away from luncheon vouchers,  as establishment owners are not happy about the commission paid to the ticket issuing companies. Employees are entitled to some kind of meal or meal compensation from [...]

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