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Slovakia’s Industry Showing Healthy Signs

VW - one of Slovakia's biggest employers

OVERVIEW Slovakia’s industrial market in the second quarter remained relatively active, aided by the robust growth in the country’s industrial output as well as the increasing export volumes. The upswing in production of vehicles and transport equipment in particular contributed to this, which in turn has translated into healthy levels of occupier activity recorded in [...]

Current Trends in the Bratislava Office Market

Bratislava (c) The Daily.SK

It is most definitely a tenants market in Slovakia at the moment.  Companies looking to rent office space in Bratislava have a great deal of choice in location and landlords are offering short lease lengths and other attractive incentives to encourage tenants to sign. Typically landlords provide a package of fit out contribution (meaning they [...]

Slovakian Real Estate: Location, Location, Location

Kosice, Main Street

Companies looking to set up in central or eastern Europe are attracted to Slovakia for a combination of obvious reasons:  its in the EU, part of the Eurozone, politically and socially stable – and there is a wide pool of well educated employees to draw from.  But critical too is location.  Bratislava and western Slovakia [...]

Slovak Real Estate: Renting Offices

Laurinska St., Bratislava (c) TheDaily.SK

How much does it cost?  Slovakia is one of the cheapest places in Europe to locate your business.  Companies benefit from low employment costs, low taxation and an excellent location at the heart of Central Europe – but need to be careful not to pay too much for their real estate. The rent on an [...]

Housing Prices Down 2.3% Year-on-Year

Kosice, Main Street

Housing prices in Slovakia are dropping slowly according to an article by TASR newswire today. The newswire cites CSOB analyst Marek Gabris as saying the housing market is now stabilising, basing his statement on the recent report from the National Bank of Slovakia, which reports that the mean price of a square metre of property [...]

An Introduction to Slovakian Commercial Real Estate

J&T Tower 115, next to new development Panorama City (c) Wizzzard

I am frequently asked about the Slovakian real estate market by companies considering relocating to Slovakia, or foreign businesses looking to expand into new premises.  This new series of articles explains how the market works, and some of the pitfalls to avoid. If you are unfamiliar with Slovakia you need to be aware that renting [...]

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