European Investors Request Slovak Government to Reconsider FTT

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European Investors’ Association, which represents retail and institutional investors throughout Europe, has requested the Slovak government to take investors’ interests in Slovakia and within the European into account and lend no further support to the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT). European Investors is deeply worried that a FTT declines return on investment for investors, has a [...]

Bratislava Among Top 10 Cities for Freelancers

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Dutch freelancer organisation has compiled a list of the top cities for freelancers to live in, and the beautiful Slovak capital Bratislava made it into the top ten, snuggling into eighth place from 117 cities. Here is the full report. The 10 best cities for freelancers in 2017 What would be the best place [...]

Slovak President Vetoes Controversial Law Heaping Hostility on Muslims in Central Europe


In a controversial move in late December, Slovak president Andrej Kiska vetoed a law that would make it harder for any religious organisation in Slovakia to become a state-registered religion. The veto was much to the dislike of the right-wing and anti-Islam Slovenská Národná Strana (SNS) which had managed to pass the law in the Slovak parliament in November [...]

TheDaily.SK is back!


After a slowdown in TheDaily.SK service last year, we pick up again in 2017 to provide you with all the latest news and information about life and living in Slovakia. We reach out to all our readers and budding writers also to contribute, whether you have an event, article or interesting story concerning Slovakia. If [...]

Slovakia’s Simmering Extreme Right Sentiment

Marian Kotleba and the Slovenska Pospolitost organisation, photo: Matus Tremko

While Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico’s rhetoric on the so-called ímmigration threat’ that Slovakia faces has cooled somewhat, it may just be simmering on a low heat until populism or some incident turns the heat back up. That fearmongering rhetoric caused Fico’s SMER party to lose a chunk of the electorate to the extreme right [...]

Slovak Women Paid Almost 20% Less

thumbEMUK - Gender Pay Gap in Europe

Slovakian women step away from your desks on October 19th, you won’t be paid from this date. Expert Market, Europe’s leading B2B marketplace, has conducted new research investigating the full extent of the gender pay gap across the continent and found that for many months of the year, women are still effectively not being paid. [...]

Halloween Camp 2016 in Bratislava


British International School Bratislava and Expert European Linguistics, s.r.o. are inviting students of ages 3-15 years to Halloween Camp 2016 that will take place at Peknikova site during the autumn break from the 31st October to the 4th November 2016. The Halloween Camp is organized as a daily camp at the BIS premises and offers [...]

Slovakia Eyes Post-Brexit UK Car Industry

VW - one of Slovakia's biggest employers

Car industry giant Slovakia is showcasing itself as a global centre for auto assembly during its EU presidency amidst warnings by foreign car firms they may leave the UK in the event of a hard Brexit. Slovakia is a global centre for auto assembly, a former Cold War powerhouse for tank-building turned home to major plants for South [...]

Media Freedom Protests as Hungary’s Largest Newspaper Closes


Hungary’s largest broadsheet newspaper Népszabadság has stopped publication, with journalists and the opposition alleging government pressure. About 2,000 demonstrators gathered outside the national parliament yesterday (9 October) to protest against the move. Népszabadság is a leading centre-left daily. It is independent, but tends to support the left-leaning political opposition. Journalists said it was a “coup” [...]

Bratislava To Shine with ‘White Night’ 2016, 8 October


We would like to invite you to the 2nd edition of White Night festival in Bratislava! The biggest and most visited international festival of contemporary art in Slovakia has become the most important cultural event of Košice. Web: Vimeo: Facebook:   BN PASS 8,- Eur – includes all interior installations and installations in enclosed areas. [...]

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