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The municipal elections in brief


The municipal elections on Saturday to vote in new mayors and councillors passed without major incidents, although a few cases of vote buying among the Roma cropped up as usual. The turnout was 49.69% (2% higher than four years ago) with voting taking place in 2,924 municipalities and city districts. An important phenomenon this time round, [...]

Municipal election results in cities

photo: Ian Britton

The eight regional capitals of Slovakia’s municipal election voted in six new mayors while retaining just two mayors in their second term (Pavol Hagyari in  Presov and Josef Dvonc in  Nitra). Bratislava: Milan Ftáčnik, a left-wing mayor after twenty years According to figures released by the city of Bratislava, Milan Ftáčnik (supported by Robert Fico’s [...]

Police investigate possible vote rigging


The old thorn of municipal elections has shown up again as Slovak police are investigating alleged vote-buying in the village of Kralovsky Chlmec (Kosice region) at the elections on Saturday. “We received two complaints about a group of people who were intent on manipulating the ballots,” claimed head of the local election committee, Viktor Dako. The [...]

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