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Ukraine Still Suffering, Death Toll Rises

Protests leading to the ousting of President Yanukovich, which kicked off the chain of events, photo: Maya Zakhovaiko

The conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to claim lives, cause damages and generate additional humanitarian needs. In May 2017, OHCHR recorded 76 civilian casualties (eight deaths, 68 injuries), which represents 8 per cent increase comparing to the previous month. Casualties caused by shelling tripled, with five people killed and 36 injured comparing to April, and [...]

Slovak President Vetoes Controversial Law Heaping Hostility on Muslims in Central Europe


In a controversial move in late December, Slovak president Andrej Kiska vetoed a law that would make it harder for any religious organisation in Slovakia to become a state-registered religion. The veto was much to the dislike of the right-wing and anti-Islam Slovenská Národná Strana (SNS) which had managed to pass the law in the Slovak parliament in November [...]

Minister Lajčák Commends Selection of New UN Security-General

Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak

Washington (5 October) – Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Miroslav Lajčák, following the announcement of the results of the UN Security Council decision that he heard when he got off the plane late Wednesday night in Washington, said: “First of all, I give my congratulations to Antonio Guterres, the most [...]

Slovakia Second Only to Mexico in Corruption Index

Anti-corruption protests in Bratislava 2014

The World Economic Forum recently released its annual corruption index as part of its Global Competitiveness Report, which assesses the economic landscape of countries worldwide. The survey interviewed almost 15,000 business leaders from 141 economies from February to June.   Business Insider looked at the results from the perspective of OECD countries, which didn’t shine [...]

Avian Influenza Virus Detected in Migratory Birds in Russia

by Wizzard

FAO advises countries to be on the alert for possible spread of the highly pathogenic H5N8 virus subtype 27 September 2016, Budapest, Hungary – FAO is advising countries to be on high alert for possible spread of a virus detected recently in wild birds at Lake Ubsu-Nur in the Tyva Republic of Russian Federation. In [...]

Thousands March Against Fascism After Election Victory of Marian Kotleba (10)

Around 2000 people gathered on Monday in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica to express their dissatisfaction and protest against the extremist ultra-­right party of Marián Kotleba, the People´s Party Our Slovakia (ĽSNS), which will occupy 14 parliamentary seats in the newly elected Slovak parliament. This is the first time since 1945 that fascists have made it [...]

Slovakia’s Far Right Swing, No Isolated Case

Banska Bystrica Governor Kotleba's LSNS party protesting against gays in 2011 (c) The Daily.SK

Slovakia is reeling in shock after the unexpected results from Saturday’s general elections. Prime Minister Robert Fico and his SMER party did worse than expected, but the real news of the election surrounds Marian Kotleba and his ultra-nationalist party that gained 8 percent of the votes and 14 seats in the Slovak parliament. Fico surfed [...]

Slovak Elections: Parliament Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Slovak parliament (c) The Daily.SK

The results of the Slovak parliamentary elections produced enough surprises for the splintered right to dream of forming a multi-party coalition government and oust current Prime Minister Robert Fico and his Smer-SD party, which finds itself without enough allies in parliament to get the majority it would need. Parliament will welcome (apparently not) also the [...]

MP Kissova Wants Flat Rate 15% Tax for Businesses


The upcoming Slovak parliamentary elections on 5 March will produce no major surprises, as the ruling Smer-SD party with Prime Minister Robert Fico at the helm looks set to grab over 30% of the vote again, while the political right has splintered into fragments. One contender for a place in parliament is former government party [...]

How to Win A Slovak Election

Slovak parliament (c) The Daily.SK

March 2016 will be the moment of truth. The nation will once again choose their party, and their leader who they think will best serve the country. The marketing machine in the run for power has started already, and is hard to ignore. Pompous politicians on pictures in the streets are sometimes staring, sometimes smiling, [...]

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