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Dzurinda Steps Down But Not Out

Stepping down as party head, Mikulas Dzurinda (c) The

Founder and head of the SDKU-DS party, Mikulas Dzurinda, has decided not to run as chairman of the party at the next congress, and so in May his long reign as party head will come to an end. Dzurinda’s decision came today after a party board meeting, with the terrible election result of just 6.09% [...]

Parliament: Distribution of Seats and Elected MPs

Source: Statistical Office SR

With the election votes counted and allocated, the list of MPs of respective parties who will represent the Slovak people in parliament is now known, with 83 for Smer-SD, 16 each for KDH and OLaNO, 13 for Most-Hid and 11 each for the slumped SDKU and SaS parties. Here is the official list of elected [...]

Matovic, A Force To Be Reckoned With

MP Igor Matovic (c) The Daily

Igor Matovic, head of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party (OLaNO), couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the election, as his 4-month old party with an impressive 8.55% is now the third strongest in parliament and he himself got more candidate votes than anyone else on the right-wing bench. Matovic’s political career [...]

Going, Going, Gone! SDKU Party Set To Transform

Gone is the era of long-term party figureheads Ivan Miklos, Iveta Radicova and Mikulas Dzurinda (c) The

The near disastrous result (6.09%, 11 seats) in Saturday’s early general elections for the SDKU-SD party led by Mikulas Dzurinda has raised questions over whether ‘Miki’ shouldn’t have stood down before the elections and paved the way for either vice-chairs Lucia Zitnanska or Ivan Miklos to use the pre-election period to reclaim lost voters. At [...]

SMER-SD With One-Party Government After Landslide Victory

Governing Smer-SD (c) The Daily.SK

With just a few mild surprises, the early elections yesterday essentially produced the expected result with Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party enjoying a landslide victory of 44.41% of the vote, meaning he will now form the first one-party government seen in Slovakia since the fall of communism in 1989. The turnout was much higher than anticipated [...]

Matovic: T-Shirts For First Time Voters

MP Igor Matovic (c) The Daily

In typical ‘Matovic’ style, independent MP and head of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party Igor Matovic is trying to encourage first-time voters to make use of their right to vote in the elections by offering T-shirts and other benefits. Matovic announced his latest initiative to the press today on SNP square in Bratislava, [...]

Slovak Election Campaign Alive in Hungary

The Slovak elections this Saturday, 10 March, are being promoted also south of the border in Hungary, as the public broadcaster has aired spots encouraging people of Hungarian ethnicity to get out and vote “in order to survive”. Public TV station M1 has been broadcasting a political advertisement aimed at ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia, with [...]

Roma Offer Election Candidates Votes For Sausages

Roma shanty settlement

An unusual case was reported to the police this week in Poprad when one of the candidates themselves announced a case of corruption after a group of Roma offered him their vote in return for favour. Although the practice of vote-buying has always been present in Slovakia, this time the group approached SDKU-DS candidate Milan [...]

99% Party With False Names in Registration Petition

Ivan Weiss, disappointed with result

The recently formed 99% – Civic Voice party is being investigated by the police over claims that the 10,000 signatures that it submitted for registration were falsified. The police are now looking into the matter after the youth section of the SDKU party filed a criminal complaint over the suspicions, which seem to be founded [...]

Sulik Attacked; Kocner Opens Political Can of Worms

Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

Head of the liberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party, Richard Sulík, recently became the latest target in the dirty pre-election campaign after SMS messages and now a series of 7 short videos were released last week showing him at the home of controversial businessman Marian Kocner. The recordings don’t point to any corruption, revealing only [...]

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