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Christmas From a Slovak Perspective

Eurovea shopping centre, Bratislava

In Slovakia, the period of Christmas starts after All Saint´s Day. This is the time when cities, villages and shops are decorated. The most common decorations are the Christmas trees which must be present everywhere, just like the illuminations. Outside, natural trees are decorated, in the place where they grow originally, or they may be [...]

Farmers Face Major Losses from Central European Floods


While rescue teams scrambled this week to protect cities in Central Europe from some of the worst flooding in years, farm organisations are concerned about damage that could devastate crops for the entire growing season. Copa-Cogeca, a pan-European organisation that represents farmers and growers cooperatives, said Thursday (6 June) it was evaluating flood damage in Austria, the [...]

Slovaks Switching Increasingly to Internet Shopping


Internet retailing recorded strong growth in 2012 enjoying increasing popularity among consumers and retailers alike. As the economic situation in Slovakia shows no signs of improvement, consumers are increasingly exploring and welcoming new opportunities to save money. Searching for goods, product reviews and mostly better prices on the web is becoming increasingly popular as more [...]

European Arrest Warrant – a Legal Black Hole?


The European Union Criminal Law is now developing rapidly, but apparently the development of the rights of the suspect goes at a far more modest pace. This is partly due to uncertainties regarding the distribution of the responsibility between the member states, which here is exemplified by the suspects right to damages for being surrendered [...]

Whitgift School International Music Competition

Whitgift School

This fantastic opportunity offers young musicians across the globe the chance to attend one of the finest School’s in the UK, and to develop their technical abilities and musical personality through professional experience and teaching. Open to string players of various ages, the competition will offer three talented musicians an array of prizes, including a scholarship [...]

Slovakia Criticised for Roma Discrimination

Roma still on the fringe of society, but not responsible for unemployment (c) Martin Domok -

The United Nations Committee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (Committee) has issued its final recommendations that underline the prevailing deficiencies in suppressing racism and racial discrimination in Slovakia. The Committee has therefore called on the Slovak government to start dealing with the issues. Here we provide you with a brief outline of some of the [...]

Values in Business at Core of Business Leaders Discussion

Bratislava Business Leaders Networking Event - 14.03.2013 @ Kempinski Hotel Bratislava

Would you stick to your values or trade them in for ‘the winning lottery ticket’? A big yes, stick to values, was the answer from all on the panel at last Thursday’s Bratislava Business Leaders Networking event at the Kempinski Hotel. They also all agreed that sticking to values (the right values) was not the norm for some Leaders in [...]

MEDIADEM Highlights Lack of Media Freedom


On 7 February in Brussels, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) co-organised the final conference of the MEDIADEM project on ‘Media freedom and independence: Trends and challenges in Europe’. The conference was hosted by the Representation of the [...]

What happens in the East when the West gives up?

photo (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily.SK

The eastern and western halves of Europe have had high expectations of each other. The East looked to the West as a source of political and economic standards. The West looked to the East for appreciation and obedience. Those sentiments were the basis for NATO and EU expansion: the creation of a single market and [...]

Cyber-Populous Transitioning; Creation of EU Citizens

photo (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily.SK

There is a far more “alive” EU on the digital front. Far more alive than what you see on the streets, in Parliaments and cabinets across the continent. And it is alive because it’s not being run by politicians but by people. People debate and argue, write blog posts and Facebook rants, go on Twitter [...]

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