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Controversial Prosecution of Filmmaker Piussi Stopped

The Slovak police have halted the criminal prosecution of film-maker Zuzana Piussi over her documentary film Nemoc tretej moci (Disease of the Third Power, 2011) about problems of the Slovak judiciary.

Trencin regional police spokeswoman Elena Antalova said a judge who sued Piussi has withdrawn her criminal complaint. Bratislava judge Helena Kozikova complained that Piussi shot her without her knowledge. Piussi said Kozikova knew about being filmed. Piussi faced up to two years in prison.

Justice (c) Avjorska

A number of Slovak personalities and NGOS protested against Piussi’s prosecution. Dozens of Czech film-makers sent a letter to Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic in support of Piussi last year. Piussi’s latest documentary film, Od Fica do Fica (From Fico to Fico), also attracted public attention.

Bratislava multiplexes refused to screen the film From Fico to Fico, but people can download it on the Internet. The film shows how Prime Minister Robert Fico’s previous left-wing government was replaced by the right-wing four-party coalition government of Iveta Radicova in mid-2010. A corruption scandal, dubbed the Gorilla, erupted at the close of Radicova’s rule, paving the way for Fico’s crushing majority in the early elections in March 2012. Source: CTK

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2 Comments for “Controversial Prosecution of Filmmaker Piussi Stopped”

  1. Dave C.

    You can’t photograph public employees, you can’t write about public employees, you can’t complain about public employees – what a sorry state this country is.
    So, for example, if I film police officers accepting bribes I must have their consent to take the photos – how convenient for them all. No wonder the news reports here are so naff and trivial, even if wrong doing is found, reporting the matter in any presentable format may lead the investigator in deeper trouble than the people with questionable character, even though they are public servants. Downwards, ever downwards.

  2. George M

    Yawn, who wants to worry about internal grief ?

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