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Eight British Musicians Crash Under HGV on Motorway

Eight group of eight musicians from Britain had a lucky escape on a Slovak motorway this morning as they found themselves crushed under an HGV on their way to Poland, reports

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The accident happened near Zilina when for some unknown reason the 22-yr old driver suddenly jerked the wheel, changing lane before smashing into the back of a semi-trailer of a truck, which then dragged them about 350 metres along the motorway.

Only one driver was badly injured, and now lies in a hospital in Zilina. The other passengers got out unharmed. The police are now looking into the cause of the accident and have taken a blood sample from the driver to check for alcohol or drugs.

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  1. George M

    I’m always amazed when I watch TV News , how many times Slovak drivers can hit the only tree, often the only tree in the road for several hundred meters.

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