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Emotional Protest at UK Embassy; Family Given Right of Appeal

At an emotional gathering in front of the British Embassy in Bratislava yesterday afternoon, about 300-400 people expressed their sympathy and support for the case of Mrs B, whose children were taken from her by Social services in the UK two years ago.

Protesters in front of British Embassy in Bratislava (c)

The protesters, many of them mothers with young children and worried grandparents with grandchildren in the UK, gathered silently at first in front of the empty Embassy building. A few police were on hand along with the embassy security service, but this was to be no violent demonstration, rather one of tears. Armed only with banners and a passion to draw attention to the problem, the protesters wept and clapped as people gave speeches through a megaphone.

Almost at the same time, the Court of Appeal in the UK was deciding to extend the appeal deadline in the B family’s case, which it did, giving them a ray of hope that they will be reunited. The court in London issued an unprecedented ruling, essentially freezing the earlier judgement to put the two sons of the B family up for adoption. This will now allow the grandmother to put the case forward for the children to be given to her care. This is apparently the first time the court has intervened  in such a private case in this way.

A few hundred people at the protest (c)

Lord Justice McFarlane ruled that the grandmother could appeal the family court judge’s ruling, saying there was an arguable case that the family court judge my have “fallen into error”.

Shortly after the protest, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called a press conference at which it explained how it was essentially powerless to intervene with the British judicial or social system, but that it had given and will continue to give its full support to the family and keep communicating on the diplomatic level with its UK counterparts.

According to estimates of the Centre for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth, some 38 Slovak families may have had their children taken away from them by the Social services. The Centre is the body that families should turn to if they need legal assistance.

55 Comments for “Emotional Protest at UK Embassy; Family Given Right of Appeal”

  1. Winston Smith

    After two years the case reached the making of a Placement Order – the order freeing the children for Forced Adoption.

    The mother will have said she cannot care for them as a legal manoeuvre.

    In an Anglo- Saxon legal system the evidence cannot be reheard, only legal errors and new evidence is allowed for an appeal.

    Also there are no funds for appeals in the Family Court.

    This is why at this point a voluntary organisation came forward to take the appeal on behalf of the grandmother.

    This was the legal error as they are supposed to consider grandparents and relatives as Kincarers.

    However, such is the arrogance of those in the Family Court system and theorall-consuming desire not to lose Face, usually the only way to get children out of the system is to have a realtive apply to be given care, and whn they have it take the Abroad.

    However what concerns me there is no sense of regret, no apolgy being offered and no recognition the original report may have been on an infection.

  2. Dave .C

    Another classic example of a Slovak news item last night. Another Sob, Sob story of a mother who lost her children to those awful UK courts. It did manage to briefly mention that she was a drug user but didn’t expound on that tiny detail. No mention that when pregnant she was advised not to continue with her substance abuse, advice that she ignored, no mention that the child was subsequently born with drug related health problems, no mention that the mother was still using drugs after the birth.
    Sorry, I don’t know or really care about the “rules” in the Sk but in the UK if you reclessly endanger the health of your unborn child then you can expect to lose both it and any siblings.
    The images of her boarding a bus back to the UK in an attempt to get her kids back may whell strike a chord with some observeres here but I think she has a snowball in hell’s chance of success.

  3. Due to the huge interest and number of comments on this subject, for ease of reading we have set up the subsection UK Forced Adoptions, which includes all articles and comments relating to this subject.

  4. Winston Smith

    The Trolls in this case and column are well and truly back.

    We need Great Big Billy Goat Gruff.

    The parents will have dropped out because sending the children to a relatives is usually the only way to get them out of the clutches of the SS and Family Court.

    Also in an Anglo-Saxon jurisdiction all appeals can only be on legal errors, so the appeal can only be on the legal error of failing to take into account relatives.

    Using the wrong photographs is a standard feature of SS evidence.

    Also when charges are dropped continuing.

    “This is the UK Court, where most things are visible to the public”.

    The Family Court is an Extraordinary Tribunal and set up as such where total secrecy prevails.

    You CAN talk to people – they are lying – the only thing legally which needs to be conceled is the names and addess of the family.

    Forced Adoption is the British system.

    Fortunes are made by the legals, Guardians and expert witnesses wh just want to go along with it – there is a Conflict of Interest.

    The British Family Court and practise of Forced Adoption is a major Human Rights scandal that has been going on for years

    Fairly naturally the British wish to cover up as the it makes all that lecturing of foreign governments look very bad.

  5. Losgar

    Great news!!

    The 5 Roma children who were taken from their parents were returned by the UK SS.
    I have to correct myself: The UK SS has taken 100 kids from SVK familes in the last 3 years /before I said it was 300/.

    The parents never want to return to the UK again. No surprise there.

    • George M

      Yea Loghead, living without the Child Benefits and the other welfare support payments, must have got real tough for them due to the lack of kids to bump up the pay cheque .

  6. marek

    Two places never to raise kids if you have any brains- which apparently I do not:

    1) UK
    2) Slovakia

  7. Losgar

    Britain has a long history of similar mischieves with orphans. One would think Britain would already learn something from it.

    • George M

      Of course you personally knew and met Annie MacPherson ?

      Her child migration scheme movement was only started in 1869?

      Idiot .

      • Losgar

        George, can you imagine how many horror stories behind the 100.000 “orphans” /many of them were lied they were orphans/?
        Since 1869 until the 1970′s.

        The UK finally apologized for that in 2010:
        “On Wednesday, 23 February 2010, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown issued an official apology for the “shameful” child resettlement programme and announced a £6 million fund designed to compensate the families affected by the “misguided” programme.”

        I’m sure there were lots of Georges and Dave Cs who would till their last breath never admit that it was wrong.

  8. Erika

    I believe kids should be together with parents. Friend of mine has similar experience with the docs in UK. Her boy had bad constipation, medicine did not work, so her parents send her form SLovakia swab tube, which is used here for such a babies problems, can be bought in every pharmacy. It helped her boy too. BUT when she explaint to the doctor what she did, she got social service control. Based on the doc papers they believed she absused her child. It took her some time to explain. I believe that UK had a good bussines in addoption of healty white slav kids, because, in some time the wont be any whites in UK, lots of chines, pakistany and indiens, blacks, of course…white healty kids are just the right thing…dont you thing?

    • George M

      The racism just oozes out from Slovaks cracks .

      ie we Brits steal kids because they are white ????? Your Nuts !

      Let me just say, if this family in trouble were Roma, ( ie not Aryan) for sure, no one in Slowvakia would even have bat and eye lid to protest .

  9. George M

    Well said DC …again.

    Sadly some of my similar comments of daft `total TV belief ` are not being just Moderated but Censored, as they are considered to harsh for woman to hear and do not fit the general sob , sob story, the Editor wants on here . Clearly he made his mind up far too soon, but now reading all may not be quite as he first thought, he is now professionally embarrassed in front of his loving, Slowvak motherhood fans .

    • James

      ‘just Moderated but Censored, as they are considered to harsh for woman to hear and do not fit the general sob , sob story, the Editor wants on here.’

      Or because they were simply abusive?

  10. Dave C.

    Where on earth do some of you comment writers get your information from? It’s quite obvious that the “homies” believe every word presented by JOJ and the Slovak press, whilst those in the UK appear to have access to confidential court records – No! I don’t think so! Reading articles on the internet posted by vested interests should be done with some balance, don’t confuse opinions and allegations with facts.
    Silvia and Kate – You know nothing about UK law if, as you claim the Social Services purjured themselves or presented false evidence in court, then it is your duty to inform the court and give testamony and you should pass your “evidence” to the grandmother to help her with her appeal. Withholding evidence from UK courts is a criminal offence – in other words put up or shut up. If your allegations prove to be true, then I and most of the British population will demand those guilty face the harshest punishment. You and the rest of Slovakia can then see how we deal with incompetent and corrupt public servants.
    The Appeal Court ( Famiies Division) of the Royal Courts of Justice ( Not the Royal Court – dimwits at JOJ note) have granted the GRANDMOTHER the right of appeal against the decision not to hand the children over to her on the grounds of a possible failing of the lower court, and I wish her all possible sucess in her actions. Common sense dictates that the boys, so long as they will be safe, should stay with the family. Why the original custody application was refused we have yet to learn. One thing is for certain, despite the “cherry picking” presentation of some of the “facts” in this case by the Slovak media, justice will prevail during the appeal process.

    • Winston Smith

      I see the trolls are back.

      Jon Hemming’s advisors will have seen the court papers so details will be accurate.

      The Family Court and SS regularly ignore the STATUTORY REQUIREMENTs under 2 Acts to go to other family members if at all possible.

      SW’s regularly as a standard feature perjure themselves in the Family Court and commit contempt in putting inaccurate information in reports.

      They regularly supress evidence unfavorable to themselves.

      The Family Court judges just ignore this.

      Justice WILL NOT NECESSARILY PREVAIL in the appeal, as the Court of Appeal acts as a “roof” for the corruption and incomptencies of the Family Court.

      It is usually virtually impossible to get.

      Permission to appeal has only been allowed because of the publicity by the Slovaks and complaints by their embassy.

      Looks bad with consular officials in court..

      “I and most of the British population will demand those guilty face the harshest punishment. You and the rest of Slovakia can then see how we deal with incompetent and corrupt public servants.”

      Ha! Ha!

      The British population have ignored the problem for years – partly because of the total secrecy.

      They will, nothing will be done except covering up like mad.

      If they did colums of SW’s and Family Court judges would be marching ontheir way to the labour camps.

  11. dave

    If people don’t like the UK’s rules
    don’t live in UK …

    • Sylvia

      It’s not just about the rules, it’s about the fairness, the lies. They are destroying children’s lives so what’s the fairness in that??? They do it to British citizens too.
      And to be fair Dave if I could I would leave this stupid country tomorrow but unfortunately I can’t because of this messed up UK law!!!

    • emilygrapevine

      Be sure they will leave, but UK must give children back firstly. How it can be possible in the year 2012, in Europe to adopt children against parent´s will??? It´s illegal in Slovakia!!!

  12. alec hodges

    The Slovak authorities rarely answer letters in due time – if at all.
    In this case diplomacy was not possible because there was no dialogue.
    This is the primary reason why proceedings have been so protracted. I suppose the demonstration numbers were exaggerated by the number of “boat tourists” curious as to what was going on.

  13. yes, there were over 300 for sure

  14. George M

    According to the actual English language News website there was some 150 people, but of course that would not be as shocking enough for The Daily, as up to 400 milling around. Perhaps some one on this website, was counting the kids in pushchairs as, well as the adult protesters ???

    As someone on another thread rightly pointed out, it is very difficult for UK Courts to take kids away from parents . Unlike Slovak Courts, UK Courts test the evidence they have in hand, in a hours, aday, a week , rather than investigate it over years . Their job is to protect the child if needed . To try and make this a UK conspiracy against Slowvaks and a cold business in child kidnapping and racking up legal costs in some sort of employment plan is laughable. This is the UK Court, where most things are visible to the public , open and transparent, not lets brush it under the table, bribe the judge and nod and a wink Slowvakia .

  15. So you should maybe only read your actual English news site then. Good luck.

  16. emilygrapevine

    they don´t protect children, read this

  17. George M

    Another reader stating the bleeding obvious ……….and who believes all she reads or see on TV , so it must be true ??? There was many child experts in the court so I understand and supporting the Social Services position. Were they ALL just lying ??? Many child abusers are very good and lying and covering up their wrong doing and more often or not, are the child`s father or a close member of the family .

    Is everyone who is Slowvak just totally dumb ?

    Hello , Hello Children are involved here and need protecting . You seems to be campaigning all based on behalf of Parents, who appeared on a 50 minute TV Reality Show ????

    BTW , I know quite a lot about the Law , and Slowvak Law ..clearly you do not .

  18. Dave C.

    Emily – Well done! Directing people to a four year old website article. If you had bothered to look a little further you would have discovered that the Times also ran an online campaign to increase the number of foster parents and adoptions. Strange, don’t you think – one campaign about the excesses of the Social Service followed by a campaign to help get the kids taken into care fostered or adopted?

  19. George M

    Happy to feed you the lines JB, ……well someone has too .

    So who was looking after the FOUR young children, whilst she was working then? Dad did ??? Did they look after themselves, have childcare, I doubt she was earning enough to pay for 4 in care ? Perhaps she popped home from work , 3 or 4 times a day just to fill the food dispenser ?

    What about dad News hound? Building site or Mc Donald`s ?

  20. Lucy B.

    Yeah she’s working as a social care worker, looking after maybe even your poor old grandmother in a care house. She never took a penny from your social system, and paid every tax she had to. Now her husband, the social services made them to split up, because they told her, if she do so, they will give her children back. As mother she would do anything to get her children back. So they split up, asked for divorce and children were never returned to her, instead they were put out for adoption. It’s all very sad. There’s a big hole in social system, taking kids where they don’t have to and not caring for the ones they sould be helping :(

  21. George M


    Sorry Lucy B. You made me laugh . As a mother?? What gave this girl a gold star as mum . Do you know her personally then or did you see 50 minutes of TV propaganda . What about her dear husband, I guess he was never important, to be married to her and to signify her faith in him as innocent of these abuse claims . ( or she now feels, he was not so innocent as she claims) .

    You cannot be serious in these comments ? ~~~She never took a penny from your social system, and paid every tax she had to ~~

    How do you know ? What about Child Benefit, Low Income Credit, Housing Benefit, Legal Aid etc etc ?

  22. George M

    Dear Mia ,

    Read the Daily, Slowvak child,5, found dead, child abuse ! What about her basic human rights and a Slowvak system that that is rotten .

    Did you have writers block when you went to mention that ?

  23. suzanna

    Could not say it any better myself……

  24. Peter

    So, almost everybody is aware of this kind of democracy in UK. But nobody is saying anything except Slovak calm protest in front of UK embassy? Are we speaking here about the same country which on day D (6th June 1944), came support and release Europe? I doubt!

  25. George M

    DC . Are all Slowvak woman plain dim or what ??? Great looking, many of them, supper legs, but heck, not exactly the brightest button in the tin .

  26. James

    ‘BUT the parents have.’

    We don’t even know that for sure, do we?

  27. This is not about TV Joj or other ‘Slovak’ media Dave, and the problems do not just concern Slovaks, but hundreds of families in the UK, and no matter how much you believe justice is always done, that was never the case throughout human history.

  28. George M

    We do Jim, you do not, it would appear …yet another sob sob Socialist infesting the childcare system .

  29. There is more to this case than published here on TheDaily, and you know very little about the case. Now it seems yesterday the judge said that it was not a matter of whether the kids would be placed with their grandmother, but rather when. The case looks set to be finalised on Tuesday morning in a short hearing. Saying that, neither you, nor anyone else, has the right to condemn some man, woman or parents unjustly based on an obviously biased outlook on life like the one you have. Your expressions of assumed superiority over others verges on the nationalistic. In this case, nobody has been charged, but you charge the innocent as guilty even after trial. As I said before, this is not an issue of one case and apparently there is a system problem, which you have the right to deny, and which you probably would deny no matter what you believe.

  30. James

    ‘We do Jim.’

    No, you don’t.

    ‘yet another sob sob Socialist infesting the childcare system .’

    Better that than being an idiot.

  31. James

    ‘is that not an addmission of wrong doing?’

    Not necessarily, no. We don’t know. As, in fact, you say yourself in your next sentence but one.

    I’m sorry too but I’m not in the business of flinging inferences and insinuations about concerning people I don’t know.

    The latest legal judgement on this case is that ‘the original verdict may have been in error’. There’ll be another legal judgement soon. Let’s wait and see what that one says.


  32. Losgar

    “I have good contacts much closer to the horses mouths.”

    I guess you are talking about a real horse here.

  33. James

    Let’s wait for the legal judgement, George.

    Oh, and by the way, you’re the idiot.

  34. George M

    Loghead, I said a horses mouth, not his rear end, where you come in to my thinking .

    That`s it then Jimbo ??? Just because you`re loosing ???

  35. James

    And there was me thinking this was about a legal case with important implications for the rights of families and child protection. That’s why I keep saying, boring as it may seem, that we should wait for the final judgement before giving the world the benefit of our ‘expertise’.

    But no, it’s all about message-board one-upmanship. But then that’s what everything’s about for you. Your life revolves around it. Welcome to Georgeworld….

  36. George M

    Jimbo, You think these all these comments are all about the subject?

    Heck, and you have the brass neck to call me an idiot ?

  37. George M

    JB, Did you not read the several times I said ` I am sure the SS makes mistakes`

    To answer your false points .

    ~~The case looks set to be finalised on Tuesday morning in a short hearing. ~~

    Did I not say that ??

    ~~Saying that, neither you, nor anyone else, has the right to condemn some man, woman or parents unjustly based on an obviously biased outlook on life like the one you have. ~~

    Well , can I help it if I KNOW more than you about this case?

    ~~~Your expressions of assumed superiority over others verges on the nationalistic. ~~~

    Ditto the above answer .

    In this case, nobody has been charged, but you charge the innocent as guilty even after trial.

    To be charge in the UK there has to be enough evidence to get the likelihood of a conviction, beyond a reasonable doubt .

    ~~~As I said before, this is not an issue of one case and apparently there is a system problem, which you have the right to deny, and which you probably would deny no matter what you believe.~~~

    Where did you say that then , in the article along with `capture of their prey` comment ?? That was very unbiased reporting ?

    Ditto the, sorry pal , I know more than you answer …

  38. Dave C.

    George – No, most Slovaks I come into contact with are rational, bright and intelligent. My wife ( Slovak, great looking, nice legs) dispares when she reads much of what is posted here. Having lived and worked in England for a number of years she is saddened by the lack of social progress here and would like to return to Albion. This site does seem to attract the feather brained of both sexes. It’s no wonder the country is in such a state when the average Joe can’t or won’t attempt to understand that things are different in the real world, absorb bullshit like a sponge and then apply the lamentable low standards that pass as the norm here to other states’ systems and social practices. Of course it does not help that the site has been invaded by the conspiracy theorists and general loonies from the UK spreading confusion or the continued crass reporting in the Slovak media. Fortunately there are a considerable number of locals who can think rationally, make an effort to understand and address issues in an informed way – so there is hope yet!

  39. George M

    Hello DC, perhaps I should have precursor the woman remark, with Slowvak women that have not actually ever left the local village four walls ?? I have to admit, I have met ( and slept ) with many expat Slowvak women, who too, just shake their heads in amazement at things in Slowvakia. As for the Local guys, rational, bright etc , not my experience as well, they are are something else …IQ of a goldfish most of them if aged over 40 . Of course when talking with them I am starting from a totally different perspective :-)

    Yes I too am worried by the Editorial standards of this News Website, which seems to have only me as its watchdog critic, as most of the other readers act as if they were just someone`s toilet paper. Perhaps they are afraid that they may be sent, as I am, to the censors corner to be comment considered? I am also subject to personal attacks from an Editor, who `joins in` the conversation and gets all very touchy, when I treat him the same contempt when he is wrong, as I do everyone else ….I believe that is only fair, no ?

  40. yes, you are right as always Mr…… I should have banned your comments completely a long time ago.

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