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Galko Accuses Kalinak of Being Behind Leaks

In the latest development in the wiretapping affair, ousted defence minister Lubomir Galko has disclosed that a senior officer of the military counter-intelligence unit VOS is the potential culprit, reports

Lubomir Galko, MP for SaS

After vice-chairman of Smer-SD Robert Kalinak produced classified material yesterday, head of VOS Pavol Brychta had all staff who could have accessed the information undergo lie detector tests, which they all passed except one officer, who refused to take the test. A criminal complaint is being filed against him.

Galko has turned the situation on Kalinak, saying he breached the law by publishing materials yesterday, while hinting again at the special relationship Kalinak has with daily Pravda, as it published part of the leaked dossier.

Galko believes that Kalinak has all kinds of documents stored away by now and will release them gradually to discredit Galko and his SaS party.

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