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Gay Rights Demonstrators Call on PM to “Come out”!

Today a small group of Rainbow Pride gay rights demonstrators gathered outside the Government Office as the four coalition parties had their weekly meeting inside.

Romana Schlesinger and Co call for PM to 'come out' (c) The Daily

The protesters were calling for Prime Minister Iveta Radicova to “Come out!”, and to start dealing with gay rights as human rights. Organiser of the event, Romana Schlesinger, expressed her dissatisfaction with how one party, the Christian democrats KDH, continually ignores the issue and refuses to deal with it openly.

In April the KDH party refused to support a proposal of the SaS for the government to make an official declaration condemning the persecution of gays throughout the world, and most recently it would not support a proposal for the establishment of a committee for sexual minorities as part of the Council for Human Rights, Minorities and Gender Equality.

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