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Government Proposes Banning Toys in Sweets

The Ministry of Economy has put forward a legislative proposal to ban the sale of toys as part of food products for kids, and if pushed through it would see products like the popular Kinder Surprise eggs vanish from Slovak shops, reports news server

Kinder Surprise (c) A. Kniesel

The revision to the Toy Safety Act has now moved to a second reading and incorporates stricter European safety norms for toys, as well as putting more responsibility on the producers and importers of toys.

The bill also specifies the chemicals and harmful substances that are prohibited in toys being placed on the market. If pushed through, the law will take effect from February 2012 and impose fines of up to EUR 50,000 for violations.

2 Comments for “Government Proposes Banning Toys in Sweets”

  1. Libor

    Sounds like the same law as they have in the USA.

  2. George M

    No Kinder Eggs ….the Austrians will invade ….man the border !

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