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Keeping a Straight Face


Marek Bennett draws the webcomic COFFEE + DUMPLING + KOMIKS detailing his adventures as a teacher, cartoonist, and travelling ukulele-playing rabbit in Slovakia at:


3 Comments for “Keeping a Straight Face”

  1. Voloda

    Well, I find this comic totally pointless. Anonymity is typical for every bigger city, it is not only the case of Bratislava. I have been in Vienna, Paris, Belgrade, Budapest, Roma and Stuttgart and nowhere was people saying “hello” to stranger spontaneously.

    • George M

      Missing the point Voda. This Cartoon shows how it WAS ( during Socialism) not how it is now…but in Bratislava anyone over 55 years of age, still has this blank face affliction. Young people dont suffer from this problem I find.

      God I can be so helpful at times …..

  2. George M

    Blimmy Marek , are even some Slowvaks starting to see how it is being here, on the bus or tram, or lift even today, if with someone aged over 55 ?

    Thank God, the Children laugh .

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