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Most-Hid threatens coalition split over AG vote

Bugar tired of accusations (c) The Daily

The recent betrayal within the coalition in the vote on the Attorney General post was bound to have its aftershocks.

Now SDKU MP Zoltan Horvath has openly accused Most-Hid’s MPs of being among the 6 traitors who voted against the government’s wishes, leaving its fate hanging on a single vote. Chairman of Most-Hid, Bela Bugar, is enraged by the allegations and has warned that his party would split from the coalition if the accusations continued.

There are speculations that the Most-Hid MPs passed on a ballot paper in favour of the government’s candidate, Jozef Centes, so they could use it as an alibi that they voted for him, while they used another ballot paper to vote for opposition candidate Dobroslav Trnka.

One ballot paper was nullified by Most-hid MP, Elemer Jakab, which Horvath says made proper checking of the whole vote impossible. Horvath, who was one of the scrutineers for the vote, said everything pointed to Most-Hid MPs as being the ones who were the traitors. Horvath claims that once the last of them had voted, Elmer Jakab requested a new ballot paper and vote also for Trnka.

Most-Hid has convened a party meeting for 12 o’clock Monday and will hold a press briefing before the coalition meeting at 2pm.

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