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Mother and daughter killed crossing road

Illustrative: car wreck after hitting father and two kids on bikes

The Daily often reports cases of tragic traffic accidents and irresponsible driving, and the next case is particularly sad, as a mother and daughter were cut down as they crossed the road in Trencin on Friday.

The tragic case happened on a straight stretch of road at 7.30 pm when a VW Passat hit the 32-yr old mother and her 11-yr old daughter straight on. They both died on the spot.

It seems that the driver had not been drinking, but a police investigation into the accident is underway.

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  1. Badger with a gun

    The Slovak press are blaming a dimwitted crossing procedure. Lots of talk about making it safer to cross a four-lane road nr. a school, after the two are dead. If enough die, then we’ll do something, usual bullsh*t.

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