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Bratislava Airport evacuated due to bomb threat

Threat to blow up new terminal

Bratislava Airport was on high alert this afternoon, 21 October, after being held to ransom after someone made a bomb threat, demanding EUR 1 million.

Spokeswoman for the airport, Dana Madunicka, would not reveal the exact content of the threat, but it was obviously taken seriously enough for airport security to clear the building. However, Bratislava regional police spokesman Frantisek Peczar divulged that ”An anonymous person sent a mail saying that if a certain sum of money were not paid up, the airport would be blown up”.

People waiting at the airport or who had just arrived from their holidays were told to leave the airport immediately, without being told why. They were loaded onto some buses to get them away from the site.

“The airport’s operation was frozen for a while, with passengers being evacuated to a safe distance away from the terminal. Traffic at the airport has also been stopped and vehicles are being diverted”, informed Madunicka.

The police set up a road block preventing cars from getting near the airport, with fire, rescue and medical teams on site prepared for any eventuality.

The bomb squad completed its search at 2.45pm, and found no explosives. Now the police will hunt down the sender of the email and press charges of blackmail among other things.

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