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Over 17,500 Confirmed for Gorilla Protest in Bratislava Today

The anti-Gorilla protests are set to continue today with public protests organised in all the major cities in the country, including a show of support from Slovaks abroad in Prague and London.

Gorillas on the loose (c) The

There are now over 17,500 people confirmed on social network Facebook as attending the biggest protest in Bratislava as part of the Gorilla II demonstration. Altogether, some 40,000 people are set to protest at the corrupt practices that pervade Slovak politics and society, which the Gorilla affair brought more to light, even though none of the events in the reports have yet been verified.

The meetings throughout the country will start at 4pm today, and are being used also to demand Slovakia’s rejection of the controversial ACTA agreement, which they see as another attack on fundamental human liberties.

In the Gorilla I protest in Bratislava last Friday, the demonstrators hurled bananas and eggs at Presidential Palace and Parliament. This time they should be targeting the Government Office.

For more information about the various protests in the country, visit the FB event page - Žilina, Friday 03.02.2012 - Zvolen, Friday 03.02.2012 - Trenčín, Friday 03.02.2012 - Košice, Friday 03.02.2012 - Prešov, Friday 03.02.2012 - Nitra, Friday 03.02.2012 - Banská Bystrica, 08.02.2012

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  1. George M

    Yes ….can you imagine her debating her stance on TV ? Fico, Slota and Duz would eat her alive ….

    A PLANT is probably the best description of her ….Pupavova perhaps ???

  2. marek

    who on earth is this Lucia Gallová person? i heard her interview and just could not believe it. what a complete buffoon. with someone like this in a position of organizer this whole project is destined to fail. i am still in disbelief of why she’s not thrown back to penta or whomever planted her.

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