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PM Fico on First Official Visit to Czech Republic

Robert Fico © Tibor Macak -

Prime Minister Robert Fico made his first official visit in the post to the Czech Republic today, where he held talks with his Czech counterpart Petr Necas on deepening co-operation on various levels.

Among other things, the two PMs talked about economic co-operation, a potential joint venture railway company, co-operation in nuclear energy, and even on the possible takeover of a stake in Slovak gas utility SPP by Czech company Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding, something that Fico himself was not so keen on, although now realising also potential tactical advantages of the move. He is now saying the government would assist interested parties subject to them considering the state’s interests.


6 Comments for “PM Fico on First Official Visit to Czech Republic”

  1. StaryJazvec

    ah right, I see it now, as you were.

  2. StaryJazvec

    Request – John, can you put up the estebak knocks down 75 old man and his 75 year old wife at the Post Office story. Cheers.

  3. Dave Crawford

    Cancel last – no coffee yet!!!!!

  4. Dave Crawford

    You have to give Bobby no Mates some credit for this. Italy actually scores worse than the SK in Transparancy Int. survey on corruption etc. He’s probably gone there to get some tips on how to really rip the country off.

  5. George M

    I remember the last time Fico went on his first Official visit in the PM post, but to Italy. The Slovak media just ignore it and the his PR team went mad that it was not reported back home . This really is old hat and communistic to record every visit and ever handshake to make yourself look a world leader . Slovakia is a pissy little fart of a country on the World and EU stage and even when they were asked to pay just 2% to the bail out fund, they all fluffed their lines .

    Sorry but it was quite pathetic to fall into line and report a silly trip to the Czech Republic today, where Fico `held talks on deepening co-operation on various levels ` …..errr, what does that mean ? Mutual cooperation anyone ????

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