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Procurement Office Cancels MoF Tender

Finance minister Ivan Miklos (c) The Daily

The Ministry of Finance has had its tender for software licences cancelled after the public procurement authority UVO on the grounds of unfair competition.

After examining the course of the tender worth around EUR 600,000, UVO ruled that competition had been restricted because the Ministry named Hewlett-Packard as the supplier of choice. The tender was for the supply of software licences as part of the UNITAS project, which aims to combine the collection of taxes, payroll levies and customs.

Speaking to Hospodarske Noviny, UVO spokesman Branislav Zvara said that competition had been distorted as a result, but the Ministry of Finance disagrees, which via its spokesman Martin Jaros claims that the technical specifications were compiled so that all entities could have taken part.

In any case, the tender will have to be repeated and will probably also become a target for the wolves in the opposition, who will pounce on any opportunity to question the integrity of the current coalition.

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  1. George M

    Yet another SDKU and Miklos fingers in the pot story ….all trying fill the war chest as they have no cash for the next election. They are poorest parliamentary party with assets reaching €292,000 and liabilities listed at a whopping €1.44 million.

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