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Slota offended by Orban’s joke about eating Slovak children

Head of the nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, has taken offence to a cynical joke made by Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on his visit to Slovakia last Friday.

Orban tried to be ironic about his bad image by saying that the “stories of him eating innocent Slovak children for breakfast are untrue”.

Slota told TASR newswire that his party was not amused by Orban’s attempt to be funny, especially when looked at from a historical point of view. Slota noted what kind of scandal would be caused if some German dignitary were to say something similar in Israel, for example.

Slota and his SNS party are now calling on Hungarian officials to get Orban to apologise publicly for his statement and to explain how and why he came up with it in the first place.

4 Comments for “Slota offended by Orban’s joke about eating Slovak children”

  1. Ed Romeijn

    Citing the exact words of PM Orban makes a lot clear: especially when it is seen by some as a stupid, crass, tasteless illustration. So, let it be.

  2. Noel Flannery

    News is news and it needs to be reported not censored,if the news offends, simply do not read it

  3. Yes, sorry David. It was intended to show the bad humour of PM Orban.

  4. David O'Sluaghain

    I think we can understand the concept of eating children without such a stupid, crass, tasteless illustration. We are not retarded. I suggest you remove it asap.

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