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Slovak Brothers Unite! It’s Sticker Time

Following a campaign launched by activists from the Bilingual Slovakia initiative, where they plastered stickers everywhere where they wanted information also to be in Hungarian, a new initiative has started retaliating.


by Dave johnson

The Slovak Renaissance Movement (SHO) has hit back in what can only be referred to as a Stickers War, as they are also now about to put up stickers with the symbol of the Slovak double-cross and calling on people to do the same. The movement claims that such action by the Bilingual Slovakia initiative should not go unnoticed.

The SHO has therefore started its campaign with the motto “Brothers, let’s stop them!”, with head of the movement Robert Svec saying they will put up two stickers for every one their adversary puts up. In preparation, they claim to have distributed literally thousands of stickers throughout the country already.

The Bilingual Slovakia initiative says it is battling against discrimination of their native Hungarian language, saying even that shops and restaurants that refuse to serve people in Hungarian are discriminating against them. They want to have the right to use their native language even when such an option is not called for by law.

Last week Bilingual Slovakia started placing thousands of stickers on signposts, notice boards, shop windows etc. in Samorin, Dunajska Streda and Komarno.

5 Comments for “Slovak Brothers Unite! It’s Sticker Time”

  1. Genovese Syndrome

    Ok George. You’re right. I was futile when making the remark… But I was right about you being an American. No one else would say “your worried” instead of “you’re worried”.

  2. George M

    Dope Genovese, read the article and educate yourself …..the SHO is the Slovak nationalistic knuckle dragging sticker dickheads , that are intent in the degradation of Hungarians in Slovakia.

    ……And your worried about the level of others and their input ???

  3. Genovese Syndrome

    I am shocked by the low level of inputs… Must be some Americans randomly stumbling across this article?
    On the other hand, I praise the effort of SHO. It’s about time to end the ethnic degradation of Hungarians in Slovakia. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  4. George M

    What about suck a Fishermans Friend stickers ?

  5. Mickey Mouse

    great business for the sticker industry

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