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Slovak Foreign Minister Eyes UN Sec Gen Post

Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak would like to seek the post of new United Nations secretary-general after the term of Ban Ki-moon, from Korea, expires, daily Sme writes today. The post will only be contested in three years, but Ban Ki-moon’s successor has already been spoken about for months, it adds.

Foreign minister Miroslav Lajčák

Lajcak has repeatedly mentioned his ambitions during unofficial conversations with foreign diplomats and Slovak politicians, Sme writes. The new United Nations head is to be elected in the spring of 2016. Lajcak has not officially ruled out his candidature, but his spokesman Boris Gandel has not confirmed it either, Sme writes.

Gandel said Lajciak focused on fulfilling responsibly the post of foreign minister that he wanted to execute till the end of the term of office of leftist Prime Minister Robert Fico, which means till April 2016. ”Speaking about the election of the U.N. secretary-general now is premature,” Gandel said. ”Anyway, it is positive that the name of a Slovak candidate is mentioned in wide expert circles,” he added.

Lajcak is not the only possible Slovak candidate for the prestigious post, Sme writes. Former Slovak foreign minister Jan Kubis, who served in Fico’s first government in 2006-2009, also has very good contacts in the U.N, it adds. Kubis now heads the U.N mission in Afghanistan. With its 1,000 people, it is one of the most important and biggest missions within the United Nations.

The United Nations secretary-general is elected by the General Assembly at the proposal of the Security Council, which has five permanent members, China, France, Russia, Britain and the United States. The successful candidate must have primarily the consent of Washington and Moscow. Given their past careers and contacts, both Lajcak and Kubis could get it, Sme writes.

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  1. George M

    Lots of junkets to exclusive sunny places, huge salary & pension scheme, dinning/clothes/shoes expenses account, high class hookers on tap, free air travel, free hotels, free Vila`s, free limo`s …and with no actual responsibility for bugger all ? Miro, join the queue !

    BTW, Sounds just the job for Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair …

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