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Sulik will cut pay of ‘truant’ MPs

Richard Sulik

In the light of recent criticism and attacks from the opposition, parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik said on TV that he would dock half of the salaries of MPs who are absent at parliamentary sessions without due reason.

As an example, he mentioned also Katarina Cibulkova, the mother of famous Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulkova, who was clearly seen on TV supporting her daughter at a tournament when she should have been in parliament. Her absence meant that the Media Committee was not able to pass a resolution.

Other targets include Jan Slota from SNS and Jan Pociatek from Smer-SD, both opposition MPs, as they were absent at the third and fourth parliamentary sessions. Even though they sent in written explanations, the grounds for their absences were rejected by Sulik.

Showing that he would take a tough line on the issue, Sulik said “I won’t have anyone missing in parliament”.

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