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Supreme Court rejects murder suspect’s appeal

Yesterday, 26 July, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the prime suspect in the recent murder of local MP, Laszlo Basternak. His appeal complained that he was being held in pre-trial custody. ”In a resolution at Monday’s session the Supreme Court upheld the ruling against the accused (Stefan K),” the Court informed the media.

This means the Supreme Court has upheld the 14 July ruling of the Banska Bystrica unit of the Specialised Criminal Court, which decided to place the accused in custody as there was a risk he would flee, considering the fact that he could face at least 25 years for premeditated murder.

Basternak was shot dead on 9 July at close range, but the perpetrator was then shot in the elbow by Basternak’s stepson while fleeing in a car. He was then apprehended the next day. Someone obviously had a death wish on Basternak for some time, as this was the second attempt to take his life in the past half year. In March a masked gunman shot at him outside his home, but he was saved by the wrought-iron gate.

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