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Volkswagen Workers Brace for Strike Over Pay

The 9,400-strong labour force at the massive Volkswagen plant in Bratislava are getting ready to go on strike alert over a lack of agreement on wage conditions that saw negotiations break down last week.

VW - one of Slovakia's biggest employers

The trade unions have been going head to head with the management over wage conditions, and although still open to negotiations, they look 70% certain to call a strike, according to trade union leader Zoroslav Smolinsky, as cited by SITA newswire.

Volkswagen, which is not commenting on the dispute, wants to cut salaries by about 4%, while also reducing the work time. The unions, on the other hand, are hoping for a wage hike of around 6%.


2 Comments for “Volkswagen Workers Brace for Strike Over Pay”

  1. Mattej

    I agree. This story is nothing new. Underpaid factory workers only have unemployment to look forward to. Time to start a new industry.

  2. Dave C.

    Sounds like the honeymoon is over. I read that almost all the car plants are looking to reduce working hours/production and are proposing the least painful way of achieving this. If the Unions and workers can’t see this and try to force the owners’ hands, there will be lay-offs or even plant closures.

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