13 new ministers take up their posts

Friday, 9 July – Today President Ivan Gasparovic officially instated the new Slovak government. The new cabinet led by Prime Minister Iveta Radicova (SDKU-DS) convened for its first session as soon as the official ceremony was over.

Radicova’s SDKU-DS party will hold four ministerial posts, with Ivan Miklos appointed as Finance Minister, two-time prime minister Mikulas Dzurinda as Foreign Affairs Minister, Eugen Jurzyca as the new Education Minister and Lucia Zitnanska as Justice Minister.

Four posts went to the SaS party, with the Economy Ministry falling to Juraj Miskov, the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family to Jozef Mihal, the Ministry of Culture to former TV presenter Daniel Krajcer, and the Ministry of Defence to Lubomir Galko.

The KDH Christian democrats saw their leader, Jan Figel, assigned the job of Transport Minister, Daniel Lipsic the role of Interior Minister and Ivan Uhliarik will be the new Health Minister.

The fourth element of the centre-right Government, Most-Hid, will have Rudolf Chmel as Deputy Prime Minister for Minorities and Zsolt Simon at the Ministry of Agriculture. Most-Hid will also nominate its own candidate for the Ministry of Environment as soon as it is restored, as the former government cancelled the ministry as of 1 July.

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