1st Place for Slovak Student at International Food Culture Contest

Fremont, California, U.S.A – Alexandra Fehérová, an 8th Grader at Cambridge International School in Bratislava won 1st place in the art category at the 2016 International Youth Food Culture Contest. Top winners in both the writing and art categories in this year’s contest were announced by the organizing committee.

photo (c) Natubico

International Youth Food Culture Contest is an annual writing and art contest for middle and high school students with a particular focus on food. Every participating student submits a written or artistic work focusing on a food related topic, and winners are selected based on the originality of their work, as well as the depth of their ideas.

“The contest aims at providing a platform for teenage students to explore their passion and thoughts in food and culture through their best writing and art works,” says Chris Wang, founder of the contest. “The contest has been successful running for three years since 2014. This year we have received outstanding entries from students in four continents, all sharing reflections on how food has played an important and interesting role in the entrants’ lives in the context of their own cultures and heritages. I’m truly glad that this contest has connected so many peers around the world together in such a positive way.”

In her winning photograph collections of “Food in My Life,” Alexandra showcased her photography interest and talent with a series of creative food photos. “I take baking and cooking as my inspiration to continue taking photos,” says the 8th grader. “Photography is something I would like to study in the future because it is very stress relieving for me. I would also like to start a blog with healthy recipes in the future because they helped me to be healthier and I want to help others with food allergies or people who want to be healthier.”

Details of the contest can be found at: www.Youth-Food.org

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