SEPS managers to get 24-month golden handshakes

This week the Ministry of Economy discovered that five top managers of electricity grid operator SEPS that were dismissed by the ministry will be given ridiculously high golden handshakes. SEPS general director and four department directors are entitled to severance pay covering 24 monthly salaries.

Economy minister Juraj Miskov labelled the amount is “outrageous”, saying he would now have all state-run companies inspected so as to avoid similar situations in future. He even made the ironic comment that “I believe that not even Greece has had such good social benefits!”.

The actual amounts that the managers will receive is unknown, but even the average monthly salary in the company is around EUR 1,800. The managers agreed to discount the figure due to them by 10% following talks with the incoming management, but their expulsion will still cost the state hundreds of thousands of euro. Nice work if you can get it.

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