3 of the 7 victims of Bratislava shooting put to rest yesterday

Three of the seven victims of the Bratislava shootings were put to rest yesterday at two separate cemeteries in Bratislava.

The victims, 48-yr old Jozef Putik and his 12-yr old son, Jozko, were buried in the local cemetery in Devinska Nova Ves, with the funeral attended by some 200 people. The pallbearers carried the coffins accompanied by mournful Gypsy music, which made the occasion all the more solemn.

One of the brothers of Jozef Putik found it all too much and collapsed. An ambulance had to be called to take him to hospital.

The other funeral was for 52-yr old Gabriela, who was very unfortunate as a stray bullet went through her window and hit her while she was in the kitchen. She then bled to death as she was the only person in the flat. Around 40 people attended her funeral.

The remaining four people who lost their lives, a mother, her two daughters and her daughter’s fiancee, will be cremated tomorrow, 10 September, at Bratislava crematorium in Lamac.

The family of the killer has claimed his body and will give him a proper burial, although the actual place and time is being kept a secret. Certain fascist groups are hoping to attend the funeral, having made killer Lubomir Harman into something of their hero. There are even at least 3 Facebook sites on him now, with one called I believe Lubomir Harman should be declared a national hero (Som za to aby bol Lubomir Harman vyhlaseny za statneho hrdinu) .

What a sad world this is.

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