4th OKAAAY Open Air Rap and Hip-Hop Festival, Hradec Kralove, 21 July, 2018, 2 stages, an accompanying program and a lot of rap.

4th annual #Okaaay Open Air Festival! Watch video from last year: http://bit.ly/OkaaayOpenAir2017

Saturday 21.07.2018 SUNPARK, HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ

2 stage, an accompanying program and a lot of rap. Take a partner! premises open 18:00, first concerts from 21:00. It’s going on till the morning!


18:00 open door
18:00-21:00 DJ SAYBON
21:00-21:30 PALERMO /SK/
21:30-22:30 SMACK
22:30-23:30 AK /SERGEI B., PASTOR, DJ BUSSY /

23:30-00:30 SEPAR /SK/
00:30-01:30 EKTOR
01:30-02:00 DJ NOIR
02:00-02:45 NERIEŠ /SK/
02:45-??:?? DJs NOIR, SAYBON, KWÉ

Accompanying program> Cavalier Barber Shop Stand with Merchem Detector.

Direct link pre-sale: http://bit.ly/ListkyOkaaay2018

PRESALE IN HRADEC KRALOVE: You also have the opportunity to get tickets for the 4th annual Okaaay Open Air Festival physically in Hradec Králové, specifically from the Restaurant Pod Terasami (Opletalova 328, Hradec Králové). Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10: 00-23: 00, Fr 10: 00-24: 00, Sat 11: 00-24: 00, Sun 11: 00-16: 00. They have the cheapest normal and VIP tickets from the 1st wave!

Ticket prices at Goout.cz pre-sale:


1st wave 270, – = SOLD OUT

2nd wave 300, – SOLD OUT

3rd Last Wave 330, – ON SALE


1st wave 550, – = SOLD OUT

2nd Last Wave 590, – = SOLD OUT on Goout.net. The last 10 pieces of VIP will be hosted physically in the Restaurant Pod Terasami (Opletalova 328, Hradec Králové)

Ticket prices are final, including pre-sale fees, etc.

ON SITE TICKETS: 390, – Tickets on site will be enough at all times, Sunpark has a huge capacity !!!

VIP benefits:

– Preferred check-in at the entrances

– access to VIP hangar session, 2nd stage

– Unique view of the podium from VIP sessions

– refreshments in the VIP zone

– limited VIP zone capacity (only 100 people!)

– Every VIP VIP Ticket gets the entrance to the Cricket VIP Brand Card with the VIP Gift Card = the original gift and the memory of this year’s Okaaay Festival.

Age limit: 15

+ a paid parking lot will be available right next to the complex as it was in past years. Anyone who wants to sleep in a tent near the grounds – it is not a problem. Please do not camp at the car (for safety reasons).

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