99% Party With False Names in Registration Petition

The recently formed 99% – Civic Voice party is being investigated by the police over claims that the 10,000 signatures that it submitted for registration were falsified.

Ivan Weiss, candidate for 99% party

The police are now looking into the matter after the youth section of the SDKU party filed a criminal complaint over the suspicions, which seem to be founded as some people on the list deny ever signing up to it. The police are making systematic checks of people on the list, calling them or visiting them, and already some dubious cases have appeared.

Apparently the names of dead people are included in the list, and also details of ID cards that have long been shredded.

Earlier in the week, head of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party, Igor Matovic, accused the party, or rather one of its main sponsors, Ivan Weiss, of being funded by dirty money and of having hidden agendas for going into politics. Matovic offered EUR 33,200 to the election campaign of 99% if Weiss would take a lie detector test with ten questions on various corruption allegations against Weiss and his family.

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