A clean sweep in motorway construction

The special parliamentary session convened yesterday by opposition party Smer-SD on the subject of motorway construction saw the government’s resolution passed, despite a counter proposal from Smer-SD.

Smer party head Robert Fico said they would back the government in speeding up motorway construction, but this comes after the government cancelled the last remaining PPP motorway construction projects this week.

The government is highly critical of how the PPP projects were managed, saying it was inappropriate and damaging people’s interests by being overly expensive. It passed its resolution after the seven hour marathon with 69 of 136 present votes.

Motorway construction will now be on freeze until new contractors are selected, but the government believes it will save around EUR 3 billion by reallocating state and EU funds to the transport sector, meaning the need for ‘costly’ PPP projects will be much less.

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