A. Hillard photographic exhibition opens with two concerts

Cortina (c) Andrew Hillard

This Saturday English songwriter and photographer Andrew Hillard (aka Frank Winter) will be opening a photographic exhibition accompanied by two concerts and some good refreshments.

The exposition entitled “Once a Quiet Place” will be curated by Laco Teren at Tranzit Workshops, Studena 12, Bratislava, and will open on Saturday 2 April at 6pm. The official opening will include a concert from Frank Winter and then La Stampa.

Andrew Hillard explains the concept behind the “Once a Quiet Place” exposition: “I have spent the last two years building this project. The idea was to work using the city as a character, as though I was photographing locations for a film. One photograph of one situation, if something gave me a feeling, without question or contemplation I photographed it. I believe there is something quietly beautiful in the normal everyday that given time is both kept and revealed in the photographs.” A.H.

You can find out more about Andrew’s music at: www.frankwintermusic.com

The exhibition will go on until 30 April and can be visited during the following limited opening hours
Thursday to Friday from 3 pm to 5pm
Saturday – Sunday from 2 pm to 6pm

Jan Verwoert & Jörg Heiser – German-tongue, English-writing art critics for frieze magazine and other publications – are the voices of third-order postpostpoppunk-outfit LA STAMPA, joined by sinus-wave-guru Reznicek (Nova Huta/Groenland Orchester) on sound generators, and the half-Argentinian ex-tennis-pro and 12-tone virtuoso from Geneva, Thomas Hug on eleven finger piano. This motley crew of personalities is held together by its Bosnian heart, the Balkans-film-impresario Jons Vukorep on adrenaline drums. After two years of transitory rehearsal rooms and karaoke parties now it’s time to say:
Please leap forward sideways, dancing in the dark was yesterday!
You can hear La Stampa at http://www.myspace.com/lastampaberlin

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