A Truly “Legendary Festival” – 16-17 June


A truly “Legendary Festival” will be taking place this weekend in Slovakia with something for fans of different music styles and genres.


The Legendy Festival (http://legendyfestival.sk/) is in fact going to stage you (Friday 17 – Saturday 18 June 2018) with famous names like British glam rock band “Smokie” or German vocal disco group “Boney M.”.

The festival, which will take place at the camp in Nitrianske Rudno, could not bypass local icons of the music scene, meaning your ticket will also let you see local greats like Czech pop-singer, songwriter and producer Michal David, renowned since the communist era, together with bands like INE KAFE, KONTRAFAKT, HORKYžE SLYžE and everyone’s favourite ELÁN.

Dag Palovic
Dag Palovic

Even the anchors of the festival are two of the most iconic characters of the Slovak entertainment scene:  Erika Barkolová (an anchor from TV Markíza) and Dag Palovič (since childhood, a host and anchor of Czechoslovak national TV and the actual national poker champion).

Many other bands and groups will take the stage in the packed two-day show, so check out the full programme (http://legendyfestival.sk/elan).

Single day entrance is EUR 27 and a Weekend ticket costs EUR 40 (two days).

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