Activist Hlina Sets Up Farm at Ministry

Renowned civil activist Alojz Hlina has set up camp outside the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development accompanied by 3 goats.

Hlina and his goats (c) The Daily

Hlina parked his porta-cabin on the small piece of greenery outside the Ministry, together with his livestock and cooking cauldron, so he can prepare food for the goats. He wants to have talks with the heads of the Association of Towns and Villages of Slovakia (ZMOS) about a project he has put together to deal with Roma issues in communities.

When asked by The Daily about how long he thought he would be squatting there with his mini farm, Mr. Hlina replied only that he was not sure, but that he was willing to stay there until his call for talks is accepted.

We also asked Mr. Hlina if there was any chance of the police evicting him from his temporary home, but all he could say was “We will see”. Just now he is being guarded by a few bemused-looking police officers.

Hlina recently involved himself in trying to resolve a conflicting situation in the regional capital Malacky west of Bratislava via the civil association called Solution for Malacky. As part of his master plan to address Roma issues, Hlina has mobilised Roma from around the country to complain to MPs about their negligence of Roma issues and problems with a mass demonstration before parliament on 14 September.

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  1. He must have committed a crime, no ??? Whenever people protest in Slovakia they appear to commit a crime , I mean their was the Gay Pride hooligans , the Chinese sumo protest outside the presidents palace …and there was the serious case of bog roll wrapping the bust of Ferdinand Ďurčanský, a prominent politician of the wartime Slovak Republic by activists from the 2010 Civic Charter in Rajec this weekend . This Durcansky , at his own initiative, gave a hateful address on Slovak Radio against the Slovak National Uprising and supported the German occupation. Terrible Eh?

    Police officers warned the 2010 CC protesters that they had committed a crime, but were not sure what crime they had committed and even refused to specify which law the protesters had violated, stating only that it was the law of the Slovak Republic. 🙂

    Only in Slovakia guys, only in Slovakia !

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