Activists clog up MP e-mail boxes with electronic protest

The UM! civil initiative, which fights for civil and human rights, launched a campaign this week to remind MPs that they should not have special immunity from the law just because of their status.

The campaign encouraged people to write e-mails to all the MPs in parliament and so clog up their inboxes, and so far it is working. In the first day, about 1200 people joined the ‘electronic protest’ demanding that the issue of MP immunity be dealt with, instead of being swept under the carpet.

Some 180,000 emails bombarded the e-mail accounts of parliament and MPs in just one day, according to Robert Mihaly from UM! with the campaign to keep going. Mihaly says that they will be holding politician’s to the pledges they made also in other areas.

The campaign was launched because a new vote on the issue of MP immunity was supposed to take place on 1 February, but nothing happened. The first attempt to curb MP immunity, initiated by ruling coalition party SaS, did not get passed in parliament as the opposition parties Smer-SD and SNS voted against it.

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