Adventurers in Slovakia for Guinness world record

By Pietro Simonetti, North American Editor of British ski magazine Good Ski Guide: “We have devised an ambitious goal: to be the first team to ski 30 European countries in 2 weeks – make it a possible Guinness World Record, and write a story about it. We are planning to make the resort of Lomnica one of our 30 stops during the Ski Europe trip.

30 countries. 14 days. 4 adventurers.
Ride our edge.

In February of 2011, four Across the Atlas adventurers embarked on a spectacular journey across Europe that will test the limits of their stamina, perseverance, dedication, expertise and resolve—all for the sake of mankind’s greatest cause: helping preserve the world we live in.

The future Guinness World Record-setters, as no mortal has ever attempted to ski all continental Europe in less than two weeks, will face risks and challenges at every hairpin turn, mountain pass, midnight run and armed border crossing. By the numbers, those include:

9,000 miles of roads, many unpaved and unwelcoming
75,000 vertical feet of skiing, in unpredictable conditions and state of mind
29 different languages, sketchy translators—the Babel Syndrome
11 critical yet hard-to-secure entry visas
24 passport-controlled checkpoints patrolled by armed guards
and immeasurable stress, strain and physical fatigue inherent in such a
mad dash to history

Team ATA is as dedicated and passionate about preserving our planet as
it is about ripping and shredding its wondrous slopes. By Carving Europe
we can do both.

The team arrives in Slovakia tomorrow, 8 March 2011 and are being assisted by Petra Suhajdova from THR Hotels.

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