Agreement: Green For EFSF and Elections in March 2012

After brief talks today the three pro-EFSF coalition parties SDKU, KDH and Most-Hid agreed with leader of opposition party Smer-SD Robert Fico to pass the EFSF bill together before the end of this week and for early elections to take place in March 2012.

Slovak Parliament (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

According to, parliamentary elections will take place around 10 March 2012. Robert Fico, who looks certain to occupy his former seat as prime minister once again, told the press that by Friday at the latest the government coalition will pay the political consequences for not being able to govern properly.

The current coalition led by Prime Minister Iveta Radicova will therefore remain at the helm of the country until the elections take place, but she plans to kick all SaS ministers out in the cold by getting President Ivan Gasparovic to recall them, so just how the Slovak parliament will function over the next few months as all politicians bustle for position before the elections will be interesting at the very least.

For now, the markets and the eurozone can take a sigh of relief, while Slovakia will be left to clean up its own internal mess.


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