Agriculture Minister Accused of Dubious Recruiting Methods

Robert Fico’s government is under a bit of pressure over accusations of cronyism after SME daily revealed how a large number of people close to agriculture minister Lubomir Jahnatek are employed in top posts at the Ministry of Agriculture, including his family members.

Five of six people associated with Jahnatek apparently occupied full-time posts at the Ministry before their official job interview, while the vacancies themselves were not even advertised outside the ministry so the applicants wouldn’t even have known about the jobs. Seemingly, no proper job interviewing process took place.

Jahnatek’s only response that it was all just a targeted smear campaign against him, putting it down to his extensive food quality checks. Filling posts with predesignated candidates is apparently rife in Slovakia, with cases at top positions of the criminal and tax authorities recently exposed also by Martin Dano from GINN.


  1. I am amazed to read Danny Boys latest revelation. Besides appointing family and friends to posts they are clearly not qualified to hold, some have been given multiple appointments and draw a salary from each….. and nobody seems to care!

    1. Oh come Dave , why not ? I mean everyone in the world knows Ayran Slowvaks are the master race, and major industrialists just pour in here because they have a highly skilled and well educated work force …..These beingsl can do at least five jobs at once and spin plates at the same time . Thankfully, the Slowvak woman are not so bright and are always looking for any expat to shag up with .;-)

      1. Georgie. Spinning plates while doing 5 jobs is something that you can’t even see in a Chinese circus. Good on ya!
        My friend always laughs when Slovak girls hit on me. So evident and I am reminded each time, “dude, it is your passport they are attracted to (as a way out of here) and not you.” Very true I am sure.
        Maybe half to shag someone to get a good job in this country? But the pay is way too low to spend outside the golden fenced border.

  2. ……. and the parliamentary committee tasked with monitoring members ethics will not be discussing Jahnatek’s family employment scam thanks to the SMER majority who see nothing wrong with their mates actions. Crooks, the lot of them from top to bottom. Utter disgrace and this is the same man who “forgot” he owned farm land when registering his interests and holdings.

  3. I like Georgie. His crusty cynical statements have me wetting my pants at times.

    1. You know what Mat, this website is becoming as dry as a desert to make Crusty Cynical statements . I am having to scan `The news you can trust` website for my little nuggets of joy these days .

      I note today with some sadness and humor the following ..The Nitra Regional Court confirmed on October 2 the lower-instance court’s verdict that ordered the Teaching Hospital in Nitra to pay almost €500,000 for non-material damage after a patient undergoing a common nose surgery ending up with permanent brain damage.

      I mean come on …how would anyone, even a Judge, be able to tell is a Slowvak is brain dead?

  4. `targeted smear campaign against him`….of course it is you dope .

    You`re a blooming crook employing your family, mates and bum licking fellow villagers and in good taxpayer created jobs. Now the world needs to know .

    1. And he’s being doing it for years George. The same article points out that the same family and friends were employed at his last ministry. Chances are if he is doing it, the rest are. “Crook” is a bit tame, are you mellowing with age?

      1. Mellowing ?? I guess I am …all those little off line talks I get from JB about being OK cynical, but not abusive to these poor Slowvaks . It appears some people were actually leaving the website because I was being truthful, harsh, but fair sometimes rude about these local bug eared monkeys .

        I guess it is all in the presentation, as you say the same `Mr Nasty` things as me, most of the time ??

        1. Left the website? I thought they had all been sectioned!

          1. Well perhaps Smug, Dan Richardson and that sensitive football writer from Zilina may have been sectioned ??? Thus does anyone know the visiting hours ?

  5. Ah…so this is the only way to get a descent paying job. I need one! Prosim, Bobby!

    1. Sorry Mattej, unless your someones maiden aunt, featherbrained daughter, drinking buddy or a virtuoso on the pink oboe then, like so many bright, talented Slovaks, you have a cat in hells chance !

      1. Thanks for the advice, Dave C!
        I think this will leave me with only one opportunity and go to the much beloved-by-Slovaks, — Budapest, Hungary and enjoy the spas, teach English and live a FUN life. Running out of options here.

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