Air pollution could see Slovakia fined EUR 750,000

Minister of environment Jozsef Nagy met with his his Visegrad 4 counterparts this week to discuss the issue of air pollution, among others.

Nagy had a special meeting of V4 environmental ministries on Monday and Tuesday this week with Czech minister Tomas Chalupa, Hungary’s rural development minister Sandor Fazekas and the Polish state secretary for the environment Janusz Zaleski. They all agreed on the idea of co-operating on a system of measuring cross-border pollution and dust particles, for instance.

Minister Nagy has another issue to deal with, as Slovakia could be facing a massive EUR 750,000 fine from the European Commission for not respecting hazardous dust pollution limits (PM-10). No fine has been imposed yet, but the country has already received a notification about the start of proceedings from Brussels. Naturally, the Ministry will contest the fine.

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