Albanian Shot Dead in Cold Blood At Cafe

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

Bratislava was like the scene from a mafia film on Friday evening when a hitman calmly stepped out of a taxi, approached a cafe terrace and shot a 27 year old Albanian from Kosovo in cold-blood in front of everyone.

The man took three shots to the chest and so the resuscitation efforts of the emergency medical workers who arrived at the scene proved fruitless as the man died shortly after arriving at hospital in Ruzinov, Bratislava.

The crime scene was a cafe at the Three Towers residential complex on Bajkalska Street, where the man was seated with some others. The killer, dressed all in black, fled the scene and is still being hunted by the police, who in the meantime have managed to find the taxi driver who took him to his execution venue.

The execution was apparently some kind of payback, so there is always the chance that some revenge attack will soon took place if the killing is linked to certain underworld groups.

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