Amazon Could Opt for Malacky for New Distribution Centre

The town of Malacky in the Bratislava region could be in the running for a new Amazon distribution centre, after Brno City Council rejected the company’s application, according to an article in SME daily today.

The online retailer had its hopes of setting up in Brno smashed after the plan was rejected, as councillors did not approve the sale of land to the company. The company is now demanding a final stance of the city, but if no agreement is reached, the town of Malacky near Bratislava could become the base for the new centre, according to the daily.

An industrial zone in Malacky is an alternative location for the company, with good motorway and rail connections. Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, and already has a rapidly expanding operations centre in Bratislava.


  1. Well if the Rugeley depot is anything to go by; Walking up to 15miles a day picking (with gps worker tracking), for 1 penny over min wage, zero hour agency contracts , kaizen crazy managers, and marching through body scanners every shift.
    What self respecting Slovak would want to work there?

    1. Blimmy, sounds like just company made for Slowvak workers ….

      What about if you are caught stealing, then are you shot at dawn, twice a day for a month, or a sunrise ritual in front of your workmates, being, racked, hung, drawn and then quartered and you head put on a spike ….Vlado Palko could have a whole new career as the chief executor .

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