Amazon Distribution Centre Needs a Home

Now that Brno City Council has rejected Amazon’s bid to house its new distribution centre there, the chances of Slovakia welcoming the online shopping giant have been given a boost, although the company is remaining hush about its next steps.

The news that the company has abandoned its plans for Brno as the venue was announced this week by head of European operations Tim Collins, meaning Malacky or even Bratislava may come into play as potential venues, with both offering more than enough space and capacity for the new distribution centre.

An industrial zone in Malacky had already been tipped as an alternative location for the company, with good motorway and rail connections. Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, and already has a rapidly expanding operations centre in Bratislava.

A potential new centre in Slovakia could all just be hearsay, however, as the Ministry of Economy has apparently not received a reply from Amazon representatives about any intention to set up its centre here, according to daily Pravda.


  1. Slim – You’re probaly right in what you say. Our local clown mayor is courting Amazon with all sorts of offers, no doubt with his eyes on the forthcoming elections. Bragging about bringing “jobs” to the town without close scrutiny of the details of the jobs is common practice hereabouts. Like the courses for the unemployed in wood carving they run locally – looks good on paper but WTF! when you read the detail.

  2. No one should be offering this company perks or incentives, to bring these slave driving, Zero tax payers to town. Employing an herd of agency’ed Slovak Morlocks for a cent over minimum wage, is of no lasting benefit to this country! Better to invest in the undervalued, small to medium sized businesses, this is where the country’s salvation will come.

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