Amazon Looking for 200 Staff for Support Centre

Leading internet based vendor looks set to create 200 new jobs in Bratislava by 2012, which is double its original estimate of 100 jobs.

The news was announced by economy minister Juraj Miskov, who was speaking the day before the launch of operations at the Amazon Support Centre in Bratislava, which covers 2,200 m2. It is worth noting that the company will not receive and tax breaks or incentives from the government.

Amazon is making the investment without any government tax breaks or stimuli, and is now looking for people with the relevant language skills to fill its vacancies, with fluency in English or German the most wanted.

Amazon said in a statement that the new Seller Support Center will complement existing centers in Germany and Ireland and will deliver B2B support to assist Amazon sellers boost their businesses.

Third party sellers account for over 30% of the orders from the two million plus sellers around the world.


  1. yes they do of course. I confirm
    since i live in slovakia 3 months i have ordered
    5 different items from several sellers from several
    amazon online stores (france, uk and italy) and always
    received my products with theirs usual excellent service
    and courtesy! A note: when you are ordering on amazon uk
    or com sometimes the order form will prompt you with a red
    alert message saying that “the item cannot be shipped to
    the address in slovakia”. To solve this issue simply rephare
    the address, maybe splitting it into two parts, in Address line 1
    and Address line 2 or contact the seller directly to ask them
    to send you the product to slovakia. It worked 🙂 Cheers

  2. Yay, jobs. Now if, or would only freakin’ SHIP PRODUCTS to customers in Slovakia…

    1. Amazon already DOES ship to Slovakia! They ship either via standard post or expedited shippers. You can even purchase used books and receive them in Slovakia. Amazon is doing great! Welcome to Bratislava!

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