Ambassador to Explain President’s Faux Pas in Bosnia

President Ivan Gasparovic is no stranger to slips of the tongue or faux pas, but his most recent slip up at a meeting with Serbian President Molorad Dodik hit a sensitive nerve when he compared relations of Serbia and Bosnia to the more amicable one that Slovakia and the Czech Republic share.

President Ivan Gasparovic

Gasparovic’s public comment on Wednesday caused an uproar in Bosnian media, for instance, with it being referred to as a diplomatic scandal. The Bosnian authorities are now demanding an explanation by way of the Slovak ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has several levels of political structuring. The most important of these levels is the division of the country into two entities: Republika Srpskaand the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina covers 51% of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s total area, while Republika Srpska covers 49%. The entities, based largely on the territories held by the two warring sides at the time, were formally established by the Dayton peace agreement in 1995 because of the tremendous changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ethnic structure.

Since 1996 the power of the entities relative to the State government has decreased significantly.  Nonetheless, entities still have numerous powers to themselves. The Brčko District in the north of the country was created in 2000 out of land from both entities. It officially belongs to both, but is governed by neither, and functions under a decentralized system of local government. The Brčko District has been praised for maintaining a multiethnic population and a level of prosperity significantly above the national average. Source: Wikipedia


  1. Gaspar the Ghosts gives amnesties to over a thousand scroats – solved the prison overcrowding problem but it would be interesting to know who the lucky few were and their “connections”. I hope someone is keeping score on how many end up back in nick.

    1. You don’t know what you are talking about Crap. Again!! Do you read newspapers or how do you know the information??

      Exactly 753 prisoners were released. No more no less.

      1. Loggie
        My information is from Slovak newspapers and news reports which were updated at 12pm yesterday. Upto 500 in detention to be released, those with suspened sentences or sentences of 18 months or less in low security prisons to be pardoned. Amnesty for crimes committed during military service, pregnant women, those over 65 or with dependant children. Not one Slovak paper has published the total number this effects, Novy Cas described it as “Amnesty Chaos” Many young offenders will have their police records expunged so give me the link that supports your figure of “exactly 753”.
        Point to note – although certain crimes are not subject to this amnesty at least three celebrities have or are going to be treated differently according the the SVK press. Also – JOJ News – so it must be true – 2 of those released were back behind bars within hours.
        Trust you to try and argue about figures that have not been confirmed when the real story is the Slovak president wiping his feet on your constitution, courts and democratic process by refusing point blank to confirm Mr Centes as General Procurator. – Plank!


  3. I don’t know about the money George, but your certainly an authority on muck.

    1. Still chewing the cud then Smug ?

  4. George old boy,
    With a shrinking Slovak economy will you Ex Patrician, poms return to resume your plebeian roles in the homelands before or after Christmas this year?.

    1. No Smug, I will be opening a chain of pawn shops . Where there is muck there is money .

  5. Here is some real good news for as expats on the forum and what we have been predicting for a year for the Tiger of Europe and the look at the Slowvak Stats league Reader …The Index of Economic Sentiment (IES) continued to drop, by shrinking another 2.4 points on a monthly by month basis in November to 83.7 points, this is the Lowest figure since December 2009, the Slovak Statistics Office (ŠÚ) announced this week .

    There were major falls in all categories !!!!

    Get your axe sharpened and the whistles tuned …. Slowvaks back to woodcutting and sheep tending jobs by the end of 2013 .

    1. As you`re also placed in Slovakia. You`re also welcome. Please bring your own axe…

      1. Well if did bring an axe Petra, it would be to cut the firewood for one of my many EU homes . But Naaaaa, enough Slowvak unemployed plebs about very soon and desperate to put a crust on the table so they can chop, chop wood for me, no?

        BTW. Petra, how are the hemroids ?

        1. Sheep tending then? Don’t forget to bring the Vaseline.

  6. Have I missed something? What’s the current status of the child care case, even JOJ don’t mention it now.
    For those interested there is a good article about the UKs EU membership in todays Independent, by Ben Chu.

    1. …the current status ?? Well , I heard Vaseline is being applied in all the right places, so when the siblings are returned to Slowvakia, at least they will have a fighting chance . Nothing like greasing the wheels of justice …

      1. If your British judge system is so fair and independent ,and the SS are one of the “best regulated in the world” , surely the “grease” shouldn’t affect the justice SHOULD IT ???

        1. Juki, not a clue? ….Someone else please explain to this dimwitted plank …oh better not, we can keep this as private joke between educated people.

  7. Nice to see Cretin suggest that the Slovak Presidents stupidity was actually a missconception by a particular ethnic group in the host country. ie He did nothing wrong – Slovak standards in diplomacy.
    As for Gaspar the Ghost visiting the UK – besides all the silver being locked away no one will take a blind bit of notice. I hope his advisors, if he has any, are better informed than say Losgar before he demonstrates his total lack of knowledge on the longstanding relationship between England and Scotland, but then again it will provide an opportunity for the whole of the UK to get some idea of the standards this country has / has not with regards to people in politics. It would be good if the UK papers ran some of the articles from this site, just to give the UK public a taste of what this man actually represents.
    UK join the Euro – Ha! Brittania would never join a sinking ship!

  8. Wish we could have an open forum for discusssing various topics rather than just the news stories as things get off topic (Forced adoption story being good example, I to blame for one). Take here for example the sarcastic comment concernign Euro and Uk etc by Losgar. I would love an open forum where these things can be discuss by various parties so we can all see what other peole think whilst leaving the articles to have comments left solely concerning them ??

    Possible idea maybe whoever is running this website ( I am new remember so not sure who is who yet!! sorry)

    But Losgar one question if the Euro is so good why do so many Slovaks go across to Poland, Czech republic and Hungary to shop( Buying large consumer items TV’s etc) and for short breaks (Nyhiragza is good example, went there to aqua park this summer for a couple of days, it was full and I mean FULL of Slovaks, now why travel there when you have lots of parks in Slovakia) .#Also loads of traders visit Poland to purcahse their goods to sell back in Slovakia, why again…….. The Euro is over valued and people can get more for their money outside of the Euro currency. Surely if you had not given up your own currency you would get more visitors spending their cash in your country.

    As to the original story surely he is briefed before he attends any foreign countries in do’s and Dont’s ?? or is he a distatnt relative of our own Prince Phillip????

    1. Rob,

      I could repeat the same what was said so many times before. Instead of that I made fun of the president using vocabulary that English speaking people would understand. Nothing else.

      I can repeat what was already said: Our president is an idiot. It wasn’t a slip, he actually had no idea what he talked about. I heard the original press conference and the idiot keeps explaining how the economic cooperation between the 2 countries should improve. It sure seems like he wasn’t briefed at all.

      Dave C. is a similar idiot like our president, just ignore him.

      Why do people travel abroad? For change, to see something new, compare, have a new experience. Why did your partner take you there? Ask her.

      Why the goods from Poland are cheaper? Their market is bigger. They buy in bigger quantities and get bigger discounts.

      3 years ago Euro looked pretty strong. Then all the crisis came. Who could predict them? I’m still happy we have EUR, for practical reasons.

      I think Prince Phillip is genuine. He doesn’t mean bad. His joking makes me feel better than keeping straight faces or smiling too much. Makes me feel he cares about the people.

    2. Rob – Gaspar the Ghost most probably does have advisors but it appears they are as clueless as he is. When Liz and Phil came for a visit the highlights were making them watch an Ice Hockey game and have a meal with a bunch of nobodies in a room that had all the charm of a greasy spoon cafe. I was suprised he didn’t take them to the pub – most probably no match on the big screen.

  9. I heard that Gasparovic has already prepared 2 speaches for visiting the UK.

    One speach will encourage the English and Scottish to cooperate and
    improve their relationship /just as the the SVKs and the CZEs did/.

    The second speach will encourage the UK to join the Eurozone /just as the SVKs did/.

    The final result will be that the UK will start the process of leaving the EU.

    1. That idiots speech will NOT be in English of course . Heck if we leave the EU who the hell are you dimwit Slowvaks, gonna ponce off, in the next round of EU funding? I guess you pimps will just have to wait for the next German invasion, as they did to the Greeks and then you can surrender before they arrive in Bratislava . Poor local Jews watch out, you could become legal tender in Slowvakia again and the kicking boys for the Slowvaks nationalists ?

  10. I am sure when he is read a translation of your comments, President Gasparovic will speak very highly of you too George.

    1. Old drinking pal of yours is he Smug ?

      Well lets hope they get the translation correct, because there is little hope of him understanding any English. A President of a country in the EU and he does not speak any other language other than Slowvak ….mind numbing .

  11. What an idiot haha. How did this guy become President…

  12. C’mon, the guy stressed the need for co-operation between the two Entities of BiH and mentioned the example of good co-operation between the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the EU accession period which was notably good.

    The fact that the Muslim media misinterpreted the whole thing and (as a middle aged woman) heard just what they wanted to hear is something completely different. The Muslims resented that Gasparovic visited the part of Bosnia and Herzegovina populated by the (in their view) inferior race of Serbs and would do anything to create a scandal.

    1. I am affraid that he mistaken Serbia with the Republika Srpska. Anyway, I do not think it is misiterpreted by media. In such way, there will be no resons for bosnian authorities to call the slovak ambassador for explanation.

      Our president is well known by his tongue slipping.

      1. No Voloda, he didn’t confused Serbia with the Republic of Serbia. He visited the Republic of Serbia only few days before /unless he has also multiple sclerosis already/.

        Next stop Belarus!! I’m guessing right now he is preparing his speach for Putin and looking forward to see Moscow ))

        1. Dope `oggie Alzheimer’s not MS`sis …..

          Next stop ??? Someone buy Loghead a compass and map please ??

          1. You didn’t get it? 😀

    2. Cretin, Gasparovic is a Slowvak vlllage idiot. He is dimmbo, rude, obnoxious and should be left to be hang out to dry, with the local Pig corpse.

      Come to think of it, how Slowvak can you actually get ?

  13. What a loser!

    Please, do not let him visit Middle East, otherwise the WW3 will begin.

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